Sacred bridge

The Shinkyo bridge stands at the entrance to nikko's shrines and temples and technically belongs to futarasan shrine. The existing bridge was built in 1636 (off limits to the public until 1973) and is ranked as one of japan's three finest bridges. Entrance fee payable to walk across the bridge and back. Bridge Shinkyo Bridge Sacred Bridge River Nikko 日光市 Nikko, a Small City in Tochigi Prefecture has a population of 84,197 (may 2015) and is a Popular Destination for local and international Tourists. Its weather is fairly similar to that in hokkaido ( japan's northernmost island, and near russia) UNESCO World Heritage Site Coachtravel Daytrip Japan Travelphotography Nature Nature_collection Naturelovers Naturephotography Autumn Colours Of Autumn Fall 秋 Tokyoautumn2015 trivia of the day : nikko is twice the size of my country !
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