空が美し過ぎて体調イマイチ....(′・ω・`).🌼. It is not excellent physical condition..🤒🤕😷. Sky Blue Clearup Hill Cool_collection Nature_collection Beauty_collection
足跡 Footprints 🚶🏻🐩👣🐾👣🐾.....🚣🚣🏊🌊. River Walking Snow FootPrint Clearup Beauty_collection Nature_collection
Clearup Country Road Day Deforestation Green Color Growth Land Vehicle Laziness Machinery Mode Of Transport Old-fashioned Outdoors Parked Photography Photooftheday Reportage Road Rural Scene Stationary Summer Tractor Transportation Wood WoodLand Working
暖冬 Mild Winter ☀️ #2. 路面 Road Surface. 安心してください。濡れてませんよd(^_^o). 多分アンツーカー?の照り返しw. Clearup Sunset Road Surface Beauty_collection Nature_collection
こんばんは〜♪ 元気→(*^◯^*)ノシ. ‥‥‥⛵️‥‥‥G'evening‼︎. Flower Ume White Clearup Nature_collection Beauty_collection Cool_collection
穏やか過ぎる日本海も、海水の色に冬の片鱗が(*^_^*). Though wave is calm, winter is felt in the color of the sea. Clearup Sunset Seabeach Beauty_collection Nature_collection
こんばんは‼︎ 小泉◯太郎です 🍂彡爽(*^_^*)爽🍃彡 陽光 Lumière du soleil☀️ 昨日 Yesterday. 年の瀬に向かって頑張りましょ〜〜p(^_^)q. Let's do our best towards the end of the year. Clearup Shine Trees Leaves Beauty_collection Nature_collection
暖冬 Mild Winter ☀️ #1. 全景 Panoramic view . Sunset Clearup Promenade Nature_collection Beauty_collection
Resting Resting Place Clear Sky Clearup Washing Away the Working Day Sitting Outside Bench Wood Grass Pathway Perspectives And Dimensions Blackandwhite Blackandwhite Photography Black & White B&w Photography Light And Shadow Shadowplay
えぇお天気でしたなぁ〜〜(*´ー`*).。o○.. It was very very nice weather today‼︎~~☀️~~. Weather Fine Clearup Evening Shine
また予報外しやがって( ー̀дー́ ). 晴れてんじゃねえかよバカヤロ〜〜ヾ(*^^*)ノ. ↑. 泉谷しげる風. . It's beautiful fine clearup shiny day✨☀️✨. Winter Noon Clearup Fine Sky Shrine Beauty_collection Nature_collection
暖冬 Mild Winter ☀️ #3. 斜光 Oblique. . 日付変更線越えてもうた...A date changed.... Goooood night ○o。.(( ▼▼ ))ノシ..zzzZZ. Clearup Sunset Shine Nature_collection Beauty_collection
Sunset today 🌤 @Jinzu river side⛄️🚣🏻🏊🏻❄️. @神通川 で観た夕陽. 今日もお疲れ様でした(*^^*) . Winter Sunset Snow River Clearup Nature_collection Beauty_collection
こんばんは〜♪ Goooood evening \(^-^)/. Clearup Sunset Seabeach ThatsMe Beauty_collection Nature_collection
優しい斜陽. Goooood night ○o。.(( _ _ ))ノシ..zzzZZZ. Clearup Sunset Seabeach Nature_collection Beauty_collection