Yohohoho the pharmacy life for me Clusters Pharmlife
Finally made it. Couldnt have done it without my front row swag crew Flawless Endofp1year Officiallyp2s Pharmlife Classof2018
Current mood about clusters Done Clusters Pharmlife
Sleepy time Pharmlife Oneam Oolongtea
I need a new day. This one is broken and I don't want it anymore Tired Pharmlife Whatislife Sideeye
Post clusters means face experimentation Givingface Clusters Pharmlife Makeup
my reward for surviving the anatomy death: 5 page paper due tomorrow....Gobigorgohome Myheadhurts Sleeplease Pharmlife Grrr HASHTAG
Anxiety levels are rising....Clusters Pharmlife BioTech Vscocam
Going on hour 3 of lecture....8amsuck Pharmlife Sleeeps
Selfieeeee just because Tired Pharmlife Sleeps
Focus lost. These Clusters are killing me. Can I just open my head and dump stuff in yeah? Okthanksbye Pharmlife Uuuuggghhhh Sideeye
It's Clusters time again....Pharmlife
Day 2 of clusters. Too sleepy to function Pharmlife Clusters Pathophysiology
Biochem is going to kill meeee Clusters Pharmlife Biochem
So finals....Pharmlife Finalscoming Studybreak
Officially got my white coat Whitecoatceremony Official Pharmlife
When you have that last page of the chapter and you just can't go on anymore Biochem Pharmlife
So you're telling me clusters aren't over yet?? Pharmlife Whatlife Clusters Distracted Soinstagramquestionmark
First day of spring semester done. Still alive. Blessed  SpringSemester Pharmlife
So it wasn't that awful Pharmlife Clusters Onedowntwotogo
First day of clusters got me like....Pharmlife Clusters Beyondnervous Praying 😟😒πŸ˜₯πŸ˜§πŸ˜¨πŸ˜―πŸ™πŸ™‡πŸ™πŸ™
Finals got me like 😧😧😧 Finalscoming Pharmlife Prayforme Patho Pharmadmin
*insert clever exhausted caption* Sleeps Pharmlife
Cupcakes after clusters = bae. Period. Thankyoubutler Clusters Pharmlife Busga Cupcakes Flyingcupcakes
Two down one to go Pharmlife Clusters Survivor
Bologna Pharmacist Pharmaco Pharmacy Big Pharma Dottoressa Farmacia Farmacia Italiana Farmacista Farmacista Italiana Farmacity Farmacy Farmanimals Girl Osteria Grande Pharma Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Industry Pharmaceuticals  Pharmaceutics Pharmacie Pharmacology Pharmacylife Pharmlife