NAP2015 Nikon D90
รูปตัวเองก็มา ไปคนเดียว ตั้งกล้องถ่าย อิลุ๊ๆ555 Nikon D90 NAP2015
คนขายคัสตัสนี้น่ารัก NAP2015 Nikon D90
เจอคนดังอ่ะตื่นเต้น NAP2015 Nikon D90
คิดถึงวงชื่อแน๊ปอะเลิน555 NAP2015 Nikon D90
London Sommersethouse NAP2015 Beutifulcolors
ฝันดี NAP2015 Nikon D90
The Chiang Mai of the Now It feels likes it has been too long since I've been back in this city that seems like my second (or third) home Over the past 5 years, I've seen things change quite quickly here. From the increased traffic, to the burgeoning art scene. The latter was the reason I came back here in early December The yearly NAP (Nimmen Art Promenade) festival brings more modern crafts to the forefront with music and food sprinkled in as well Hand made leather camera straps? Check. Locally sourced fabric iPad case made by a design student? Check. Vocal jazz standards and covers of YMCA? Check Chiangmai NAP2015