I wanna be in your head tonight Feelme Sundayselfie // f*ck your Hype . i do my own thing Spiritualstoner Tattooedgirl Fullmoon
F*ck your small talk. I wanna talk about Death Aliens Magic Themeaningoflife Galaxies Music that makes you feel something Memories Whatkeepsyouupatnight ? your Fears Insecurities i wanna feel your Depth i wanna see your Twistedmind Spiritualstoner BeMentallyAttractive every Queen needs her King Letsconnect
It's the Humility that weakens my knees... save your Perfection for those that judge you. I prefer to dwell in the Beauty of the Stories behind your Scars // falling all over myself to lick your Heart & Taste your health cuz with the birds I'll share this lonely view... Scartissue  Art Spiritualstoner
Let's grow together GrowTogether Betteryourself  Evolve or Disappear Tupac Happybirthdaytupac Genious Poet Keepyaheadup Spiritualstoner Legendsneverdie