GratitudeLog Day 332: I believe that everything we experience in life is meant to be a lesson. That lesson could be for you, or for someone else whom you may someday come across in life. So let us ThankGodFor the things we experience in our lives, from which others can learn lessons.
GratitudeLog Day 325: I ThankGodFor fair weather, because I don't have to wash Kito as much lol
GratitudeLog Day 338: ThankGod that I am intolerant to Caffeine ; it's like one of my super powers ;)
GratitudeLog Day 335: I believe there's no such thing as Coincidence , but when coincidences happen, they are just amazing. So let us ThankGodFor for His perfect timing which we, in our unawareness, call coincidence Coincidentally, we wore the same color of shirt to work today. Remarkable, isn't it?