Today we went on a tabligi tour to a very old mosque named "Guru ki maseet" in the city of Shri hargobindpur, Punjab .... * This historic Mosque was built in about1634 A.D and is preserved by Sikh brothers. They look after it and we have to confess they have cared its structure very kindly. * It is also recognized as a historic site by Unesco . We left a piece of the holy Quran with Punjabi translation in the mosque. May Allah bless our efforts. Aamin Read more about this mosque : Ahmadiyyat Islam Ahmadi Qadian Hargobindpur Qadiani Khilafat IslamAhmadiyya
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Ya 365 days means 525600 minutes and total baiats this year .. 567330 IslamAhmadiyya Ahmadiyya Qadian Rabwah Qadiani Ahmadi Khilafat Quran Sunnah
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Pakistan terrorism court announces death penalty for 2 Taliban members who killed 86 Ahmadi Muslims in the two mosques of Lahore in 2010 Ahmadiyya Lahore Islam Pakistan Ahmadiyyat Qadiani
Some Scenes from our halqa"s tour to Dar-ul-Bai'at Ludhiana ... (دارالبيعت ،، باب لُٕد) 1.... The place where promised messiah a.s sat while taking first bai'at (Allegiance ) * 2.... Railway station of Ludhiana from where the Promisedmessiah a.s came to this city where first Christian mission was established in 1835. * 3.... The room of Sufi Ahmad Jan Sahib's house where promised messiah a.s took first bai'at (Allegiance ) * 4....The Mosque attached to the room where promised messiah a.s took first bai'at (Allegiance ) built lately in 1949 * Ahmadiyyat Islam Mehdi Messiah Quran Tour Tarbiyati Khuddam Darussalaam Qadian Rabwah Qadiani Khilafat Ahmadi IslamAhmadiyya
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