I love my baby! After getting her ears pierced look how happy lol Amaraliz
Bathtime Amaraliz
Amaraliz Newkotd
Zoo trip with @rodriguez8028 Jorgie and Amaraliz
Firstbusride Triptothezoo Amaraliz
Amaraliz Imonaboatbitch
Amaraliz Armando
Amaraliz Maplewoodpark
Uh oh where's the water going? Amaraliz
Amaraliz uh-oh
Amaraliz MyPrincess Loveandmissher Gonnabe3saturday Happybdaynena
Squeaky clean Amaraliz
So Amaraliz puts her socks on her hands and said cmon let's fight Loveher Sillygirl
@Rodriguez8028 Amaraliz Koolin photo courtesy of @javvy585
Amaraliz Milans2ndbday ChuckECheese Cliffordthebigreddod
Wildchild Amaraliz
Amaraliz ChuckECheese
She's Awesome I love her Amaraliz
Amaraliz Cherrypienonotdessert
Milan Amaraliz Gelo
Leaf Plant Green Color Fragility EyeEmBestPics EyeEm Gallery Flower Head Flowers Beauty In Nature Ntsudzu Beauty In Nature Rose - Flower Roses Nature Sky Growth Close-up Freshness Petal Nature Amaraliz
Amaraliz 2nd birthday party saturday March 15th
Wildhair Amaraliz
Time to get out Amaraliz
Sillygirl Amaraliz
Amaraliz Drpepper
MyNena Amaraliz Takeapictureofmedaddy Cheese
REDWINGS with Amaraliz Milan @therighteousav @moneymakerzbrazy @rcolon92
Amaraliz watching Garfield
Amaraliz rockin daddy's kicks
Oh hell naw lol Amaraliz Makinmesses Macncheese Nofrenchmontana
Milans2ndbday Milan Amaraliz Jayden Mya
Amaraliz and I at the game Goredwings
I miss my baby Amaraliz
2boboz lol TRUUUU Amaraliz
KO Amaraliz
Amaraliz Merrygoround
Jorgie 's face tho lol and Amaraliz
Uh oh Amaraliz @rodriguez8028
Tryna make blueberry pancakes with Amaraliz lol not round at all
Amaraliz Koolin in her new bed
@rodriguez8028 my beautiful baby Amaraliz she loves to be outside always
Amaraliz Merrygoround
Amaraliz Gelo Eatingfruit
Happy birthday to my beautiful baby girl I love you so much can't believe you are already 1 today daddy loves you Amaraliz @rodriguez8028
Amaraliz lol
Amaraliz wake up! Your party is in a few hours and you over here KOed lol @rodriguez8028 can't wait!
Time to paint pumpkins! Amaraliz Milan @uwillneverbeme81891 @__mahogony
Amaraliz Seabreeze BangBang
Amaraliz don't wanna get out.. There's no more water nena
Goodnight nena Amaraliz rocking her kicks to sleep lol
Amaraliz KOed CarRide
I see you Amaraliz
Amaraliz in the box lol
KOed Amaraliz running around day b4 he party tmw hope to see y'all there @rodriguez8028
Ooooh nooo Amaraliz
Her and her horses lol Amaraliz ChuckECheese
Amaraliz chocolate face
@rodriguez8028 Amaraliz FirstBirthday
Amaraliz Gelo Buzzins Chillin
Amaraliz shrek ears lol @rodriguez8028
Amaraliz wearing mommy glasses @uwillneverbeme81891
Amaraliz Loverher
Amaraliz Minniemouse
The other day Amaraliz making a mess with ice cream lol
Me and Amaraliz damn we sleep the same lol
Amaraliz my Fatgirl ;)