Better than a cast Stressfracture Running is on hold. Swimming is the new battle MakeItHappen
When you forget Overtraining can hurt you and you need adequate Rest and Recovery time.... guess I'll be taking the next 2 days off from Training hoping & pretending this isn't a Stressfracture NoRunningMakesMeAngry
1st real Run back after letting the Stressfracture heal. Slow Trailrunning today. Smoke filled Air and visibility down to a couple miles. Bleck... better than no run at all tho. AirQualitySucks Northwest is on fire. Upperleftusa RunningIsTheAnswer MakeItHappen TubbsHill LakeCoeurdalene
Stressfracture im not doing it w a cast. Ugh no Running for at least 4 weeks min. Boo
Happy to be Running again. Even if in a limited capacity. Stressfracture Vibram Fivefingers MakeItHappen
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