Another week with a great Crew solid SetDay Onlocation ReserStadium . Tomorrow on Pac12Networks Wsu Cougs at OSU BeaverNation 1pm kick off
Sleepinggiant the Calmbeforethestorm Collegefootball at ReserStadium Colorado at OregonState Bevernation on Pac12Networks at 730pm PST
Calm before the storm ReserStadium . For our Crew Collegefootball starts today. Kick off of the season Weberstate at OregonState on Pac12Networks tonight 5pm PST Tvland making Tvmagic
Thanks to our amazing Crew this weekend at OregonState and those that couldn't make this pic. Great show. Great crew. Honor to work with all of them. Tvmagic Tvland OregonState ReserStadium
Sunset from the top of ReserStadium on SetDay prepping to make some Tvmagic tomorrow Collegefootball Enjoythelittlethings
Great show Onlocation at ReserStadium with our amazing Crew making Tvmagic Lucky to work with such a talented & humble group.Colorado at OregonState Collegefootball HowGreatIsBall
Sunrise at ReserStadium Gameday Wsu Cougs at OSU BeaverNation going to be a great day for Collegefootball
SunriseToSunset Sunrise over ReserStadium Gameday at OregonState Enjoythelittlethings
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