Day 3: college tradition for me had to be the many times friends got together and broke bread and just had a good time @zetasof_charlotte Dzscholarship Zetasofcharlotte Repmyschool
TBT  of me helping my boy dj a party on the yard UNCC Unccharlotte Repmyschool Dzscholarship Zetasofcharlotte @zetasof_charlotte
I rep my Almamater FORTY NINERS and our mascot norm the miner UNCC Unccharlotte Stakeyourclaim @zetasof_charlotte Dzscholarship Zetasofcharlotte Repmyschool
Last day Day 5: Homecoming and while I heard the UNCC Unccharlotte homecoming was great alas I couldn't make it. Next year for sure. FORTY NINERS! Dzscholarship Repmyschool Alumni Zetasofcharlotte @zetasof_charlotte
Am I doing this right? Selfie day 2: wearing school attire lol. Have to give me a gimme on this one @zetasof_charlotte Dzscholarship Zetasofcharlotte Repmyschool
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