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CARDIO _ Cardio is not essential to fat loss. Simple as. Cardio is only used and beneficial when trying to put yourself in a calorie deficit. Personally I don't like cardio, in a steady state. The bulk of my programming is weight training with a very very occasional HIIT session thrown in. _ The reason people are able to get lean without doing cardio is because they know what they are putting in their bodies. To lean out they will be eating at a calorie deficit. Meaning their body will be losing fat just through their diet (not necessarily all clean food, just hitting macros). You could alternatively choose to eat at a maintenance level of calories and perform hours cardio in order to put yourself in a calorie deficit. (I'd rather not!) 😒 _ Personally I would much rather just track my cals and not have to worry about spending an hour at a time on a treadmill when I could be building muscle mass (that will in turn burn more fat). Remember more muscle mass means more calories burned so the foundation of your training should be a good resistance program. Noboringcardio Intensity Eatsmart Trackmacros