Let God

When the root is firm and strong the tree can grow infinite. The tree is not bound by a roof, it has an open heaven to grow tall as it likes. We can do great and mighty things in this generation through the Holy Spirit of God. Raising the dead and healing the sick is not at all a challenging job for the maker of all things. God will do extraordinary things through us if we're hungry for the Holy Spirit to manifest into our lives. The secret of being supernatural comes from being in Christ, possessing a heart of Christ. You don't raise a dead person to get to your name famous rather out of love for the glory of God. When our intentions are evil the work of the Holy Spirit is ceased. Even Jesus hated applauds, fame; flattery from people because He knew all men and the intentions of their heart. Like the tree we also have an open heaven before us we can and will do infinite things than ever before, only be in Christ. Let go off yourself and let the waves of the Holy Spirit take over you. Infinité Open Heaven In Christ Rooted Grounded Love Glory Of God Holy Spirit Supernatural Extraordinary  Heal The Sick Raise The Dead Kingdom Of God Let Go Let God
" Become Free Like A Bird And Let God Lead You To The Right Direction" Silhouette Sunrise Free Bird
Out of your head...That's the only place he exists. You're making yourself crazy...If you don't get a handle on this mental condition, you will never know you were wrong! Nobody can do it for you but there are many who want to help. Let them into your life and the bubble will suddenly pop! Grass Green Color Ground Growth Let God Mobilephotography Nature No People Selective Focus Surface Level Vignette