I've found this happening flower, Amaryllis.. in the center of this city. I don't wanna share the location, to keep it life and pretty. Keep them from the young ppl who like destroy the nature for exist in social media. Lily Flowers Amaryllis Nature Pretty Garden Savethenature Saveamaryllis Instaflower Instanature Loveshoteverything Lovephotography  Capturedbymyoppoyoyo Travel Pictureoftheday Pictures November2015
Polution NO! Healthy YES! Photograph by Chavvahtov Lovephotography  Loveshoteverything Capturedbymyoppoyoyo Mysmartphonecamera Bicycle Yellow LINE Stop Polution Instahealthy Like4like Likeforfolows Traveller Travelling Travelgram Explore DECEMBER2015
Ready to cook it, woohhoo.. My first pan pizza. Let's do it! Happyweekend HappyTummy Happycooking Happyholiday Pizza Homemade Chef Recipe Meatballs Topping Tomato Onion Oregano Freshfood Instafood Instacook Loveshoteverything Lovephotography  Capturedbymyoppoyoyo Mysmartphonecamera Likeforlike Likeforfollow DECEMBER2015
Colorful star. Love it! Colorful Star Instapic Pictureoftheday Lovephotography  Loveshoteverything Capturedbymyoppoyoyo Mysmartphonecamera March2016
Rabbit satai with peanut sweet sauce. Bon appetite! Culinary Food Foodphotography Foodporn Foodhunter Foodseeker Instafood Eatwelltraveloften Cleaneating Eat Eattogether Bonappetit Yummyinmytummy HappyTummy Happyholiday Happyculinary Happyculinaryweek Happyweekend Likeforlikes Likeforfollows Loveshoteverything Capturedbymyoppoyoyo Loveisbeingfattogether Quality Time familytime culinarytime january2016
Bon appetite! Salad Vegetable Dinnertime Bonappetit Capturedbymyoppoyoyo Loveshoteverything Lovephotography  Saladporn Instafoods Instafood Foodporn Healthyfood Dinner DECEMBER2015
Life is like this cocktail, so colorful. There's a problems, happiness, lovers and haters also. The glass is likes our emotional. To be a successful person is just need to handle our emotions wisely. Likes this cocktail, which didn't spill when we hold the glass correctly. Quotes Quoteoftheday Cocktails Fruits Jelly Colorful Happyweekend HappyTummy Fresh Instafruit Photography Loveshoteverything Lovephotography  Likeforfollow Likeforlike Capturedbymyoppoyoyo Mysmartphonecamera Latepost Pictoftheday Enjoyinglife  DECEMBER2015
We worship You and dancing for You inside the new covenant (rainbow). We love You, Lord.. Christmascelebrations Danceforgod Worshippinggod Instaprayer Instapic Rainbow Newcovenant Gkkdjogja Gsgbuilding MerryChristmas DECEMBER2015 Likeforlike Likeforfollow Loveshoteverything Lovephotography  Capturedbymyoppoyoyo Mysmartphonecamera Noedit Nofilter
Dragonfruit for breakfast! The color makes me starving, let's eaaaatt hahaha.. Breakfast Fruits Fruitporn Dragonfruit Healthyfood Colorful Likeforlike Likeforfollow Mysmartphonecamera Oppoyoyo Capturedbymyoppoyoyo Instafruit February2016
At Red Corner Kitchen, Jl. Lowanu no. 63, Yogyakarta Dinner and cheating day wif mom and dedek @dewadeww Red corner burger special wif mozzarella cheese 23K Spaghetti carbonara 25K Chicken katsu 17K Asparagus cream soup 13K Chicken wings 15K Chicken cheese ball 12K Bakwan jagung 12K Hot tea 4K Wedang uwuh 10K Strawberry Lassy 12K *The dessert is Lava cake wif homemade whipped cream and vanila ice cream FREE! Soft opening 1-7 December get 20% discount, yaaaayyy!! Bon appetite! Cafe Redcornerkitchen Redburger Culinary Western Food Foodie Foodphotography Foodporn Instafood Foodseeker Foodhunger Foodhunter Bonappetit Eatclean Eatwelltraveloften Enjoyinglife  Enjoy Eattogether Sisterhood FamilyTime Qualitytime Capturedbymyoppoyoyo DECEMBER2015
Don't care with Satnite, I love myself. What I need now is just my smartphone camera. Selfienation Selfitime Selca Hoodie Oppoyoyo Smartphone Capturedbymyoppoyoyo Dimple  Asiangirl Single Dreamer Instapic Pictureoftheday April2016