I love this Hennadesign of a Birdcage with the BirdsFlyingFree ! Once again, my good friend AudraHoffman picked out this design for her HennaTemporaryTattoo and after the HennaPaste started to come off, you could tell the colour was going to look Beautiful !! HennaKim 6thStreetHenna AustinHenna 13MagStudio KimistryHenna LocalHennaArtists AustinArtist Mehndi ILoveHenna Hennatattoos Temporarytattoos HennaDesigns MehndiDesigns India GlitterTattoos SparklingHennaDesigns Tattoos TexasHenna
This FoxHennaTattooDesign was a lot of fun to do since it was for my dear friend AudraHoffman ! I found the TribalFoxTattooDesign courtesy of Google™ . This is actually the 2nd year my friend has had this same design applied in Henna onto herself; Next time she says she's considering getting it permenantly Tattooed !! This is where many of my customers @ 13Mag come from; They're unsure, on a budget, or maybe just aren't ready for the permenancy of a tattoo (That was me at one point, & forever is a long time). With Henna, you can atleast get an idea of what your Tattoo will look like & like I say, "If you aren't tired of the Hennadesign after a few weeks, then maybe you should consider getting it permenently inked on your body." Overall, It's nice to have options, especially ones as beautiful & affordable as Henna!💝