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This is Mason. My sleepyhead Baby. He is my 1st rescue cat. Whoever dumped him in Macy's dumpster when he was 8 weeks old did a very good job of smashing his upper teeth. He had a nasty infections and undergone surgery to remove every single pieces of his shattered teeth inside his gum. That was horrible experience for him. Even though he lost half of his teeth. He still have a very good personality. A very sweet loving and calm baby. Check This Out Hanging Out Taking Photos Enjoying Life EyeEmCatlovers Cats Of EyeEm Pets Kitty Cute Pets IndoorPhotography
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Macy is my 2nd rescue cat from Macy's dumpster. She was 3 weeks old when we found her. She was a vicious little kitten and gave us a hard time getting her home. It took us two nights with almost no sleep just to make sure she was safe in the parking lot of Macy's where the dumpster was. Luckily she gave up and surrender to us after she left one of us with a bleeding hand. But, it turns out she is very precious little sweet baby! Check This Out Kitten Taking Photos Enjoying Life Cute Pets IndoorPhotography Fascinating Having Fun Kitty Eyeempetlovers Pets Cats Of EyeEm EyeEmCatlovers
沖縄から引き取った猫ちゃん😆🎵おっとりして、ちょっとどんくさい所がたまらん😍💕ホントは私が飼いたかったけど友達に横取りされた😤 Cat 猫 Cat Lovers Cute Pets Eyeemcat EyeEmCatlovers Cat♡ Cats Of EyeEm Catlover
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