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Happy Australia Day! I hope everyone here is enjoying their day off, and here's some sunshine-y sunflower cheer for those elsewhere! I'm so lucky and fortunate to have been able to grow up and live in this generally superlative country, it's not without its faults - but where is? And with a bit more work, with open minds, positive attitudes and generous hearts, we can make this gorgeous place even more incredible than it already is. So, for me, today is about celebrating what we have, but also making the commitment to make it a better place than it already is. HappyAustraliaDay Makeitbetter WorkingTogether Sunflowers Summer Cheerful Australiaday Fms_simplicity Fmsphotoaday
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There is allways way.... You can always change something... reinventing it or Fix what is broken and make it better.... make it better... ......heavy&hard but worth it... Waroflife Makeitbetter Fix  Reinventyourself Lifeishard LifeiswarBetweenyourself Lovehappymomment Keepgoingforward Keepitup Keepsmiling Keepliving KEEPPLAYINGTHEMUSIC