On My way home from Zoo-bar, i meet this beauty ;) Say hallo, to the one and only, Lisa Lents!! She was the woman behind the entire show, Miss World! Lisa, Thanks for a lifetime memoery.. Lisalents Oddfellow Missworlddenmark2014 Missandmisterworld Taekwondo 4dan Badasschick Model Danishmodel Sorry My Tie Is Loose ;-)
Oddfellow Missworlddenmark2014 Missworlddenmark2014 Jeanetteottesengary Jeanetteottesen October4 Oktober4 Missandmisterworld Rebeccabrincker Thanks to ALL, Who made this Day Awesome! My Sister was in the final, se did not win, but she was the most beautiful girl on the stage, in My eyes! Jeg and awesome to meet Danish celebrities, and Even more Nice, that dont mind take pictuers ;)