We went to the MasiMarket to buy a goat for the wedding of my cousin. Masi Tanzania MyAfricanVacation Backtomyroots
Early morning breakfast with my uncle at his house in Arusha . Tanzania MyAfricanVacation Backtomyroots
AMAZED: Think i will stay in Arusha ... find me a MaasaiWife and live of the land... DontComeLookingForMe Tanzania Arusha MyAfricanVacation Backtomyroots
Welcome to Daressalaam ... the power city of Tanzania . MyAfricanVacation Backtomyroots
MyTanzanianBeerChallenge uncle and I spent the day drinking Safari Beer. Truly a day well spent! I have taken up the challenge of drinking all 12 brands of beer brewed in Tanzania SafariBeer Beerchallenge MyAfricanVacation Backtomyroots
The home that my father was raised is crumbling away. My granny lived and died in that house. My cousins now sit and chat among the remains of that home and remember those days long gone but never forgotten. Tanzania Iringa MyAfricanVacation Origins
Just in case u were wondering what happened to the goat. The guy in the middle is a Maasai elder skilled in the art of slaughtering goats and prepping the meat for eating... we had goat for days (roasted, dried, boiled, stewed, fried) ...this was the tastiest goat ever! Tanzania Arusha Africanwedding MyAfricanVacation Backtomyroots
My father had six brothers and sisters. They all died from various ailments. From the oldest their names were Andrew, John, Ana, Rachel, Benjamin and Alatuhiga. My father, Samuel, is the fourth oldest and the only surviving sibling. I never really knew my uncles and aunts, I remember my grandmother sparingly, but it was a truly a privilege to visit their graves in Iringa to pay my respects. Tanzania MyAfricanVacation Backtomyroots Origins
Finally got to see my first lion in Tanzania... I was out on safari in RuahaNationalPark in Iringa . Tried to get close for a selfie, but the damn lion was cranky. Tanzania MyAfricanVacation Lion Ruaha
BEER CHALLENGE: I have been told Tanzania makes more than 12 brands of beer. I am on a mission to try them all! Serengetibeer Tanzania MyAfricanVacation Backtomyroots
The Ng'alla family in Iringa in a small village called Izazi. Tanzania MyAfricanVacation Origins
Beerchallenge ...This is one is my fav. Taste like Caribbeer ...anyway on to the next one. Castlebeer Tanzania MyAfricanVacation Backtomyroots
Samaki for lunch... Arusha Tanzania MyAfricanVacation Backtomyroots
Just found a lost cousin... were r from the same tribe. Tanzania MyAfricanVacation Backtomyroots
We needed a goat for my cousin's wedding, so my uncles took me to the MaasaiMarket ... after some intense negotiations on price I selected this goat. Now we will go home and slaughter it! Maasai MaasaiMarket Tanzania MyAfricanVacation Backtomyroots
Kenyan Airways... The pride of Africa MyAfricanVacation Kenyanairways Tanzania
After three days of travel... have finally arrived in Arusha, Tanzania. Time to eat. Arusha Tanzania MyAfricanVacation
Time to leave the city of Dar-se-Salaam and head out into country side... going deep into the bush to find my father's tribe... my origin: the Hehe Tribe. Tanzania MyAfricanVacation Backtomyroots HeHeTribe
Finally got out into the jungle... i am on the hunt for my next meal. Tanzania Arusha MyAfricanVacation Backtomyroots