Bar Music

Tonight was an album sale commemoration party of Bar Music. I was DJ and celebrated with Azuma. Shibuya Tokyo,Japan Vinyl Scof75 Barmusi Music was nice night which overflows.
Today's live broadcasting was held in Shibuya Bar Music. It was wonderful night.昨夜のライブat 渋谷Bar Musicは素晴らしく楽しかった。曇りも、雨になり、帰る頃には雪に変わった東京。みんなありがとう。 Tokyo Shibuya Barmusic Scof75 Scof4 Studio75 Vinyl Thank you for coming! Please wait for a new album a moment.
75 NEWS : Small Circle of Friends 2017年6月21日に11枚目AL『Silence』から「サマーソング」7" Vinyl Vinyl発売決定。カップリングは「 Bennysings Benny Sings」をフィチャー!👉 Scof75 Studio75 Tokyo