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So I don't do studio work horrendously often but when I do...I take overly dramatic pictures of chairs! No seriously, I am breaking out the mobile studio tomorrow for a multiperson headshot session which is what made me think of this shot. I took this at the Superstars Writing Seminar in Colorado Springs, CO in February. I shot 75 aspiring authors and publishing professionals on seven different genre specific backdrops over the course of three days. It was intense, it was a tad bit insane, and it was amazing. This is my generic "author" headshot background but I really do love it just in general. It's a light vinyl, easy to hang, and offers a ton of options. It was also special order from China which was not so fun because it got sent back - but it made it in time for my shoot and I took some amazing pictures against it. Studiophotographer Headshots Photographer Photo freelancephotographer denverphotographer coloradophotographer jacobinphotography photoadventures photography headshotphotographer photostudio