Corners. I love 'em, and especially here in Copenhagen. There's so many (duh!), and most have their own unique "soul". Some are painted, some are exposed brick. Some are rounded, others jagged. One might have a little tower, another a French balcony. Some day I wanna live on a corner, sipping wine and looking down at the people passing by below. S'up little people! 🍷👋😂 Urbanromantix
In the Hood ✌ Urbanromantix
| Peeping Tom | Ricoh Ricohgr Ricohgrd RicohGRII RicohGRDII Gr Bw Bnw Blackandwhite Blackandwhitephotography Street Streetphotography Digital Grain Shadow Portrait Hipster Beard Hat øl Beer Shootfromthehip Blågårdsgade Nørrebro  København Danmark Copenhagen Denmark KBH DK
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