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Feminism — the intellectual melt-down of modern women. Feminism Feminazism Antiintellectualism
This is just the way feminism (feminazism) is: intolerant, deceitful, and oppressive. Feminism Feminazism Antifeminism Antifeminist
A sound letter to the editor based on facts and reality published in Uppsalatidningen (No. 38, 2014). That is very rare. I am pretty surprised. Antifeminism Feminism Feminazism Lies feministlies uppsalatidningen
Oh! *snap* @hanna__lindholm får in en femetta mot @zaralarsson. Feminism Feminazism Hyckleri Hypocrisy
As the Swedes use to say: »Hur tänkte du nu?«. Being an extremely radical branch of marxism, feminism is aggressively and abusively repressive against people with opposite opinions. Feminazism Feminazis Feminism Feminists lies liars
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A feminist techno science symposium? I guess, the present-day's techno science is patriarchal and oppressing women... Feminism Socialism Feminazism Religion delirium patriarchy svpol kvinnolobbyn sverigeskvinnolobby swedengonemad
Forbidden Art in the Feminazi Republic of Sweden. Feminism Feminazism Socialism Authoritarian totalitarian svpol evil waronculturalheritage culturalheritage
Feminazism Feminazi Feminism Feminist
Yet another intellectually brilliant feminist. Feminism Socalism Feminazism Leftwingnutter leftwingnutters feminist socialist feminazi argumentaadhominem logicalfallacies svpol kvinnolobbyn sverigeskvinnolobby
Feminism Feminazism Feminists Feminazis
Exchange 'men' with 'jews' or 'niggers' and behold the result! You feminists are not the least better than Jodl, Keitel, or Goebbels! Feminazism Feminazism Jodl Keitel goebbels nazism nationalsicialism hatred propaganda hatecrime
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I told you! Rapeculture Feminism Feminazism Feministlies
Nu förstår jag icke... Den sistnämnda kursen verkar ju vara betydligt mer angelägen för kvinnor. Svpol Feminism Feminazism
Feminism Feminist Feminists Feminazism feminazi feminazis freespeech
Miss Jankell is quite frankly too bloody good-looking to be a Feminazi (@feministerna). And all four of them seem to have misunderstood the essentials of Feminazism—it is neither about equality between the sexes nor about love. It is about the very opposites. Feminazism Feminism Misanthropy Misandry hatemovement hatespeech hatred
Fast feminister är bland de mest okvinnliga varelser, jag känner. Så nätverket kommer nog icke att bestå av feministiska kvinnor. Det kommer att bestå av schlagerbögar. Feminazism Feminism Femininity Kvinnligt okvinnligt kvinnlighet
Some women are not the smokiest whisky in the cocktail cabinet. Many of them are feminists. Feminism Feminist Feminazism Feminazi
Four faces of Feminazism. Feminism Feminazism Feminist Feminazi instacollage
That's right! Feminism Feminazism Leftwingnutters Svpol
It is incomprehensible, that so many Swedes want ignorant people like Maria Borgström to govern Sweden. Svpol Feminism Feminazism
Since many of you nowadays are either whining wimps demanding »trigger warnings« and »safe spaces« or intolerant suppressors in favour of banning civil liberties, I hereby put a »trigger warning« on my social media accounts. Feminazism Feminazi Feminism Feminist
To-day I will just enjoy my white male privileges. You know; oppress and abuse some women. Because that is what men do. Feminism Feminazism
How feminazism works. Feminazism Feminism Fallacy
Fight hatred and misandry! Keep the Feminazis out of the Swedish parliament! Feminazism Feminism Fi Feminazis feminazister feminists feminister svpol val2014
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@Feministerna — bringing you hatred since 2005. Svpol Feminazism Feminism
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Feminism Feminist Feminazism Feminazi
Feminism Socialism Feminazism Evil hatred hate misandry lies picofthemorning tagsforlikes nofilter
To all of you, who question, why I am an anti-feminist: This is ONE answer of many. Feminism Kvinnolobbyn Sverigeskvinnolobby Feminazism madness lunatics dictatorship criminals retards evil socialism misandry instacrimes instamadness instaevil — antifeminism antisocialism picoftheday nofilter tagsforlikes
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