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All u just need is a sail to cross the extremities of life.....😊Mypassion Mycreativefeed MyShoeboxOfPhotographs Thatperfectshot_ oceanbeach kereladiaries
This is the place where we are destined to be what we wanna be Kirorianforever Delhidiaries MyShoeboxOfPhotographs Mycreativefeed Thatperfectshot_ Passionphotography Collegelife Collegediaries Collegecampus Kirorimalcollege Kirorian
Just feel's calm n's warm n pleasing....😊MyShoeboxOfPhotographs Mypassion Mycreativefeed Naturelovers Thatperfectshot_ Kerela Munnar MunnarHillstation MyClick Myoriginal
Sometimes just need a stay happy😊Mycreativefeed Mypassion Sketch Myoriginal
After reaching tht height.....main fear is of falling frm there....same in our life....😐MyShoeboxOfPhotographs Thatperfectshot_ Mycreativefeed Uttrakhand uttrakhanddiaries mypassionphotography
I m the sole witness of all the sacrifices of hero's of my country...and engraved their names on my body to pay them homage🌹🌹🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 JAI HIND Passionphotography MyShoeboxOfPhotographs Myoriginal MyClick Mycreativefeed Myshoesboxofphotographs Indian
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Want life to be like a bed of roses....away from all the thoughts....about anyone......wanna just lie on this bed saying nothing 😇Mycreativefeed MyShoeboxOfPhotographs Flowers Naturelovers Home Sweet Home Home Dailydiary Flower Flowerporn Flower Collection Pink Flower Pink
😑want a dslr camera badly😖 MyShoeboxOfPhotographs Mycreativefeed Cultural Colourful Thatperfectshot_ DelhiGram Candy Rajasthani Dailydiary Colorful Passionphotography
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Hope this journey never ends....wanna live that life again....heaven on earth Kerala wildlife park.....periyar Mycreativefeed MyShoeboxOfPhotographs Lake Periyar kerala kereladiaries
Sandart Odisha Grey TheGreySay Thatperfectshot_ DelhiGram Dailydiary Myshoesboxofphotographs Mycreativefeed ArtWork Vscocam Eye4photography  EyeEm Gallery Myedits Sandytoes Sand Art
It's like u whn u wanna achieve ur goal .....N it's in front of u.....with a huge gap in between 😏MyShoeboxOfPhotographs Mycreativefeed Thatperfectshot_ Collegediaries kirorianforever mypassionphotography
The only person u destined to become is the person to decide to be😇 Flowers MyShoeboxOfPhotographs Mycreativefeed Red