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Prayforparis PrayforRioDoce PrayforMinasGerais PrayForPalestine Prayforbeirut PrayforBaghdad Prayforjapan Prayformexico PrayfortheWorld
Prayforparis Prayforrussia Prayforbeirut Prayforfreedom
No forget, No forgive Prayforparis Prayforbeirut PrayfortheWorld FuckYou Terrorist you will not destroy my city, my people, my country but we will have our revenge
Repost @teamexo88 with @repostapp ・・・ Prayforbeirut "Two suicide bombings have killed 41+ people" Prayforparis "Dozens dead, 3 explosions, and 60+ hostage situation" Prayforjapan "A tsunami warning has been issued for parts of Japan after a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck of its south western coast" PrayfortheWorld
Pray for the world Prayforbeirut Prayforparis Prayforjapan