Help save SBC dogs

Meet Freddie, A488474 . This beautiful photo was taken by Jason during our Shelter visit 11/10. Freddie has a quiet elegance that is just mesmerizing. He was found as a stray and very under nourished. He will be available for adoption 11/17. SBC Shelter, 333 Chandler Place, San Bernardino, Ca. (909)384-1304. PETHARBOR LINK: Pitbull Love Volunteer Dogs AdoptDontShop Adopt Me Adopt A Shelter Pet Volunteer Work SBC SBC Shelter Helpsavelives Help Save SBC Dogs Pitbull Hope American Bully Bullybreed Abandoned Fostertoadopt FosteringSavesLives Foster Me Shelter Dogs
Love Without Boundaries Volunteering, holding these precious shelter dogs, giving them love and hope. This is love without boundaries. This photo captures so much depth of emotion in sharing love with a shelter dog. She was rescued after this photograph was taken. SBC Shelter, 333 Chandler Place, San Bernardino. Shelter Dogs Hope Love Help Save SBC Dogs SBC SBC Shelter Helpsavelives Rescued Unconditional Unconditional Love Volunteer Work Volunteering