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Doesn't seem like it's been two years already. Davyjones DaydreamBeliever TheMonkees Monkees RIP
Davyjones Drawing
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Happy Birthday to my very first celebrity crush (and the reason for my fondness of British boys) Davyjones Love Misshim 60s TheMonkees DaydreamBeliever MCM
I paused TheMonkees for a second then laughed when I looked up. Davyjones
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- Mi corazón siempre será tuyo... Davyjones HolandesHerrante Piratasdelcaribe
Jesus Davyjones Trippy Crossover Xover Cthulhu Octopus Psychedelic Illusion Opticalillusion Gesù  Gesùlupolipone Just try to focus your eyes to jesus' hair and try to move your phone / screen
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Just to show the mere magnitude of last night, in my world, I present to you a little Throwbackthursday  in 1989, I met Davyjones and again in 2001 - the dates line up to me being 10 & 20. He's was the nicest. I debated on going (pulse money issues) last night, but I'm soooo glad I got to. Sometimes, the stars aline. Throwback themonkees monkeestour tbt
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