U make me beautiful

yesterday's adventure :-) This place was a place that i really didn't like before.. yesterday i went there and was blown away by its beauty.. earlier in my life it was a place that made me just sad.. but today it makes me more than happy... a close friend took me there and we just sat there .. talking about the sad part... the angry part... my life has canged to a life i really want to live.. a life that i belong in.. thank u for the time.. thank u for listening.. thank u for bringing me back to the woman i am β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ Nature Soulfood Trees Lifeisgood Friendship Sadness Never Last Long... U Make Me Beautiful U Make Me Smile πŸ€—
Im so tierd... ;-) EyeEm Woman Painkillers Love To All Make Love Not War Missing You U Make Me Beautiful ❀❀❀
Aww u keep on waking me up, but it's ok.. i love our naughty conversations πŸ˜‰ Nightcall Sexy Ur Woman Ur Dreams Lovelovelove Naughty But Nice Come Here Playtime Soon U Make Me Beautiful Tattos Soulfood Enjoying Life ❀❀❀
Haha πŸ˜‚ u are so bad.. don't wake me up just to tease me... im longing for u ... and yes my love.. i would love to see Scotland .. but not right now okay.. πŸ‘…β€πŸ‘ Feelings Bedtime Nightcall Badman 40+ U Make Me Beautiful Come Here And Play Sexylady Tierd Ur Woman Soulfood I Love You ! πŸ’–
Thank u .. i can't wait to hear u sing this one for me... u make me cry even when im happy 😊 Spotify Love Music Feelings U Make Me Beautiful You Make Me Smile Through Every Tear!:)