If I could come in I swear I'd leave, won't the nothing except a memory from the house🏡 that built me.. Mirandalambert Mystory114 This was the song today that played as I pulled up to 302, Godsworks Goodvibes realtor ownboss realestateagent realestatelife newjersey jersey jerseyshore atlanticountynj It is extremely important for me to never lose sight of who I once was the great and terrible cause only then is one able to be optimist when new struggles arise on lifeonlifeterms Thank you, for all the memories!!💝
Steve Jobs might not be my favorite person; however, much of my personal growth has come from watching this man do what others told him he can not accomplish. Nevergiveup Dreamscometrue Godsworks Goodvibes mystory114 readmore havebooksovertv onepersoncanmakeadifference