Kikitsu-Okusa, Nagasaki Line, JR Kyushu ( Kyushu Railway Company ) Mybestphoto2015 Running Train Cruise Train "Seven Stars In Kyushu (ななつ星)" Design & Story TRAIN Luxury Train Retro Style 水戸岡鋭治 Eiji Mitooka+Don Design Associates Landscape Just One Shot / Panasonic Gx1 LUMIX G VARIO 14-45/F3.5-5.6 No Filter Japan Scenery Nagasaki JAPAN
Discover Kyushu, Japan ARU( AMAZING ROYAL UNIVERSAL ) RESSHA JR Kyushu SWEET TRAIN, Omura Line / Kyushu Railway Company. Chiwata Eki November 6 2015. Design & Story TRAIN Design by 水戸岡鋭治 +ドーンデザイン研究所 Autumn Colors Mode Of Transport November2015 Old-fashioned Omura, Nagasaki On The Platform Retro Styled 千綿駅 或る列車 / LEICA V-LUX1 Photos(iMac) edit The Scenery Of Japan Japan Photography
ARU RESSHA (to Sasebo) Departure 14:56 Platform No1, Nagasaki Station. 50mm F/5.6 It's Time JR Kyushu Low Angle View Nagasaki Station On The Platform Once Upon A Time People Watching Perspective Retro Style The Way Forward JR KYUSHU SWEET TRAIN「或る列車」 水戸岡鋭治
Every Saturday 17:27 ななつ星 into Chiwata Eki ( 千綿駅 ) . Omura Line, Nagasaki Prefecture. Panasonic GX1/ Aperture priority AE mode Just One Shot LEICA D SUMMILUX 25mm 50mm F1.8 Photos(iMac) edit de Good Night / ななつ星 train design of Eiji Mitooka+Don Design Associates. JR Kyushu CRUISE TRAIN / SEVEN STARS IN KYUSHU (NANATSU-BOSHI) Design & Story TRAIN Discover Kyushu, Japan Lights On Luxury Train On The Platform Retro Style 水戸岡鋭治 Japan Scenery Nagasaki JAPAN
Night tram 🚋 310 MINATO Design is Eiji Mitooka ( 水戸岡鋭治 ) / LEICA Q 28mm No Filter No Flash Handheld de Good Night 310 MINATO Manual Mode Photography Snapshot Interior Design Wooden Texture Trainspotting Softness Sitting Around 水戸岡デザイン 水戸岡鋭治 Nagasaki Electric Tramway ( 長崎電気軌道 ) Public Transportation Transportation Mode Of Transport Real People Indoors  Illuminated
Kamome 885 Substitute Intercityexpress 787 Tsubame series train. Kyushu Railway Company. July2015 Hakata Station In The Train Interior Design Ogata Korin(尾形光琳) Rimpa Style 琳派 motif picture 水戸岡鋭治 +Don Design Associates. Perspectives
inside take a A-train( ARU RESSHA ) : Nagasaki Journey extra Panasonic LUMIX GX1+Kitlens 28mm de Good Morning 28mm Against The Light Candid Photography Exterior In The Train JR KYUSHU SWEET TRAIN「或る列車」 LUMIX G VARIO 14-45/F3.5-5.6 Nagasaki JAPAN Panasonic Lumix GX1 Traveling Window Wooden Texture Interior Design Eiji Mitooka+Don Design Associates 水戸岡鋭治
Night in “310 MINATO” NAGASAKI ELECTRIC TRAMWAY : kokaido-Mae crossroad, Nagasaki City 20:36 10, February 2018 tonight ( Japan Standard Time ) / Panasonic LUMIX GX8 + LEICA D SUMMILUX 25mm No Filter No Flash Handheld Lightroom mobile for iPad edit + Ocean Blue Exceptional Photographs Nagasaki Scapes Nagasaki Today Panasonic Lumix Gx8 LEICA D SUMMILUX 25mm 水戸岡鋭治 Elegant Design Eiji Mitooka+Don Design Associates 310 MINATO Nagasaki Electric Tramway ( 長崎電気軌道 ) Night Lights Nightphotography 50mm F/1.4 No Flash Window Transportation Building Exterior Mode Of Transport Public Transportation
Showcase: 2016 Inside Exterior : Nagasaki-Hakata Intercityexpress Kamome 885 JR Kyushu Kyushu Railway Company. AMPt - My Perspective Curves And Lines Trains_worldwide Trainspotting / Kamome No4 waiting for Departure Platform 2, Nagasaki Station Japan Photography GX1 Prime Lens set 50mm . Kamome 885 Design by Eiji Mitooka+Don Design Associates 水戸岡鋭治
Sonic 885 express passage / Photos(iMac) edit : An author of a black and white drawing(sumi-e) is "Mitooka Eiji" who designed Kamome/Sonic express, Seven Stars In Kyushu at Kyushu Railway Company. A remake redesign made the "rimpa" style Mitooka arrange. Ceiling Common Space Creative Light And Shadow Illuminated Inside The Train Interior Design Lighting Equipment Limited Express Mitooka Eiji Passage SONIC 885 Sumi-e 墨絵 水戸岡鋭治 琳派
JR Kyushu tourism JR KYUSHU SWEET TRAIN「或る列車」 Compartment Reserved Seat August 14 : Interior Design by Eiji Mitooka+Don Design Associates de Good afternoon Exterior In The Train Reserved Screen Capture Showcase August 2016 Wood - Material Wooden Texture 大川組子 水戸岡鋭治
JR KYUSHU TRAINS Passageway Compartment Car No.2, JR KYUSHU SWEET TRAIN "ARU RESSHA" Interior Design by Eiji Mitooka+Don Design Associates 28mm JR KYUSHU SWEET TRAIN「或る列車」 JR Kyushu ( Kyushu Railway Company ) Luxury Train October 2017 Perspective Illuminated In The Train Modernism Passageway Reflections Retro Styled Wooden Texture 大川組子 Snapshot Today's Hot Look 水戸岡鋭治
Inside The Train JR Kyushu SWEET TRAIN "ARU RESSHA" Car No.2 Lobby Light And Shadow Softness In Edges Interior Design Exterior Design by Eiji Mitooka+Don Design Associates 水戸岡鋭治 : Panasonic Lumix GX1 LUMIX G VARIO 14-45/F3.5-5.6 28mm handheld No Filter No Flash
JR KYUSHU SWEET TRAIN「ARU RESSHA」Car No.2 Compartment Seat 21 View. Design & Story TRAIN Desing by Eiji Mitooka+Don Design Associates 水戸岡デザイン 水戸岡鋭治 : Leica Q 35mm( Digital Frame Selector ) Swingin in the train handheld No Filter No Flash No Crop ( Photos 3.0 2048pixel resize ) 16, October 2017 ride to train de Good Sunday Design & Story TRAIN Exterior JR KYUSHU SWEET TRAIN「或る列車」 JR Kyushu Light & Shadow Exterior View Illuminated Indoors  Logomark Lookingup Mirror Reflection No People Wallnut
Lookingup In The Train mountain side Compartment Reserved seat August 14 : Exterior Design Interior Design by Eiji Mitooka+Don Design Associates Showcase August 2016 JR KYUSYU SWEET TRAIN "ARU RESSHA" JR Kyushu Wood - Material Wooden Texture A K A R I 水戸岡鋭治
Around The Kyushu JR KYUSHU TRAINS : Left Green train Yufuin No Mori ゆふいんの森号 to Oita / right Kamome 885 白いかもめ to Nagasaki . train design Eiji Mitooka+Don Design Associates Design & Story TRAIN Platform No.3 Hakata Station 30, September 2017 / Q typ116 50mm ( Digital frame selector ) No crop handheld + Photos(High Sierra Varsion) edit plus de Good afternoon JR KYUSHU TRAINS On The Platform September 2017 Hakata Station Mode Of Transport Passenger Train Perspective Photography Railroad Station Railroad Station Platform Snap A Strangers Train - Vehicle ゆふいんの森号 水戸岡鋭治 白いかもめ
Kamome 885( Hakata,Fukuoka - Nagasaki ) Common space interior Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu) / Photos edit : 28mm Common Space Flooring In The Train Intercity Express  Interior Design July 2015 Kamome 885 LUMIX G VARIO 14-45/F3.5-5.6 Mitooka Eiji Nagasaki Station Panasonic Lumix GX1 Symmetry Texture Wooden Floor 水戸岡鋭治 特急かもめ
Somewhere in Kyushu Area, Discover Kyushu, Japan CRUISE TRAIN / SEVEN STARS IN KYUSHU (NANATSU-BOSHI) ななつ星 Retro Style Luxury Train December 12. Pass to Chiwata eki Seaside Station every Saturday 17:30 Omura Line JR Kyushu ( Kyushu Railway Company ) On The Platform One Shot Story Project. Just One Shot Japan Scenery Nagasaki Panasonic LUMIX GX1+L-X025 50mm F1.8 . Design & Story TRAIN designed 水戸岡鋭治 Eiji Mitooka+Don Design Associates Galactic train de Good Night
My Best Photo 2015 Okusa eki(大草駅), Nagayo-Nagasaki Line. JR Kyushu (Kyushu Railway Company) . Design & Story TRAIN ななつ星 Design by 水戸岡鋭治 Eiji Mitooka+Don Design Associates. Colorsplash CRUISE TRAIN / SEVEN STARS IN KYUSHU (NANATSU-BOSHI) Gorgeous Happy Encounter Mode Of Transport Partcolor Perspective Picture Frame Luxury Train
Finding Nagasaki Cat ? extra : ULTRA STATION MASTER TAMA🐱 by WAKAYAMA ELECTRIC RAILWAY JR Kyushu Kamome 885 タマ駅長 Wrapping Train / Cat Lovers Fotor Collage IPod Touch Photography Japan 2010 Nagasaki Station On The Platform 水戸岡鋭治 +Don Design Associates
Sitting Around : In The Train Car No2 Compartment Seat 21 Wood - Material Fabric Walking Around Taking Pictures JR KYUSHU SWEET TRAIN「或る列車」 Mode Of Transport View From The Window... 15:30 Kikitsu station, Nagasaki main line. JR Kyushu ( Kyushu railway company ) Luxury Train 25, March 2017 . IPod Touch Photography 33mm No Filter handheld Mirror Reflection / train design Interior Design by Eiji Mitooka+Don Design Associates 水戸岡鋭治
In The Train Kamome 885 JR KYUSHU TRAINS Interior Views Desinger Eiji Mitooka+Don Design Associates 水戸岡鋭治 Japanese Style Kanji Gallery Space Mode Of Transport Intercityexpress Train Spotting  iPod touch 6G 33mm capture + Snapseed Editing  . Go to hakata Station waiting Real Time Feed 肥前鹿島にて 列車事故 復旧次第 博多へ🤔
Nagasaki Today JR KYUSHU TRAINS A-Train : Special Limited Express coming Nagasaki Station Today only. 50mm Low Position Mode Of Transport On The Platform train design Eiji Mitooka+Don Design Associates 水戸岡鋭治
Break time : JR HAKATA CITY, ASO-BOY Lovely mascot ‘Aso kuroemon’ 🐶 character design Eiji Mitooka JR博多シティ ASOBOY! (特急あそぼーい) Kuro IPod Touch Photo Wall Decoration 水戸岡鋭治 水戸岡デザイン Eiji Mitooka+Don Design Associates Animal Representation No People Indoors  Painted Image