Yangontaxi Yangon Myanmartaxi Femaletaxidriver myanmar burma burmese myridetoairport At 6.20am, hailed a couple to taxi and was offered above market price for a ride to the airport which i politely declined. Cmon, there isn't any traffic congestion at this hour and what is the reason of the exorbitant rate? A 4th taxi spotted me from the opposite side of the road, and immediately made a u-turn. It was a female taxi driver to my surprise! She uttered in burmese; brother, where do you want to go? "Airport, how much?" Immediately she named her price and it was basically a fair price as compared to the previous three. The upcoming 8 Nov Election's heat is definitely sprouting around locals and i could strongly sense her positive excitement towards Aung San Su Kyi's party as shared by her. Finally arrived at the airport and i bidded my best wishes and luck to her for the upcoming election and her support towards her beloved country. Keep the spirit up👑💪
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