Surprise ain't about unraveling strings and ribbons from presents or being shocked with awe to see something unexpected all of a sudden SURPRISE IS ALL ABOUT THE BREATH TAKING MOMENTS, THE AMAZING AND WONDERFUL JOURNEY YOU PULL THROUGH TOGETHER THROUGHOUT LIFE ALONG WITH YOUR PERFECT HALF, AND THE BEST PART IS THAT YOU KNOW THAT YOU'LL BE SURPRISED AND INSPIRED THROUGHOUT BY EVERY WORD, EVERY THOUGHT, EVERYTHING YOU FEEL WHEN YOU'RE AROUND HER - NO MATTER WHEREVER YOU ARE, THE ASTONISHING FACT AND HIDDEN SECRET YOU REALIZE IS THAT THE ONLY MOST BIGGEST SURPRISE IS YOUR PERFECT HALF AND NO OTHER! Tags : ➡ Perfecthalf Thebiggestsurpriseeverisyou Aisletolife happiness materialisticthingsdontmatter itsyouthatmatterattheendoftheday happinessiscyclingwithyou happinessiswalkinghandinhand noedit cycle
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