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Once every 4 years! Today is special, make it even more special.. TakeTheLeap Picoftheday Foryou
Day 9/12 of Bringingyogaback Anjeneya Variation TakeTheLeap Fittyduck @fitapproach @prana yogajourney yogilife yogalove yogaaddict sweatpink yogiintraining yogaeverydamnday yogadaily
Day 8/12 of the Bringingyogaback challenge and day 16/30 of the TakeTheLeap challenge by @prana and @fitapproach. This pose looks really easy, but I found it challenged my balance more than I thought it would. Anjeneya Heartopener shoulderopener yogiintraining fittyduck sweatpink yoga yogaeverydamnday yogalove yogaaddict addictedtoyoga yogadaily
Wasn't able to post yesterday's picture. Day 10/12 of the Bringingyogaback challenge by @prana and @fitapproach. TakeTheLeap AnjaneyaVariation Fitapproach fittyduck yogaeverydamnday yogisofinstagram yogiintraining yogilife getbendy flexy
Low lunge hip opener. Day 11/30 day yoga TakeTheLeap challenge and day 4/12 of the Bringingyogaback challenge by @prana and @fitapproach. My legs were really stiff from legs day so this was tricky getting into 😆.