Omg so much food. But it was all tasty and now I can't breath. Worth it. LOL Nycalive Patois Patoistoronto toronto canada foodoverload foodie foodporn ruckdown2015 ruckdown coconutdrink friedrice burger bacon icantmove somuchfun laughter goodtimes goodpeople goodfriends
Stole this from my lady. Lol. Shout out to Craig for taking car of us during our second visit to @patoistoronto food was excellent like always. Thank you for the hospitality. Shout out to @toekneetee @minimotolab for letting me in on this little gem. Will always make this a stop when I'm in Toronto until next time guys. Nycalive Mr_mrs_collado Bigj_littlec_journey canada labordayweekend labordayweekend2015 randomtrips lastminutegetaway goodfriends goodpeople goodfood goodtimes Ontario patois patoistoronto dundasstreet livelife travel behumble positive