Makoa Scooters

Great meeting you yesterday @boozeridez I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in the NYC. I hope to see you again in Japan next year. 来年、日本でお会いしたいと考えています Nycalive Goodpeople Boozeridez Japan makoascooters makoasquad goodtimes nyctojapan friends vacation photographer travel 友人 ruckuslife totalruckus ruckus hondalife hondaruckus grom gromlife hondagrom gy6 mx125 zuma modlife onecommunity
After a great ride. We are back at the shop for some food. Drinks and pictures and laugh about the stuff that happened on the ride. Bunch of gopro video caught all the footage so that video should be hitting YouTube soon enough. If you are still trying to make it here come through. We will have a night ride in a couple of hours. So join us for that as well. Makoascooters Makoasquad Regrandopening Nycalive hondalife ruckusride ruckporn grom gromlife mx125 gy6 gyshityourpants totalruckus ruckusbbq ruckus hondaruckus hondagrom instaruckus ridingweather rideordie
I spy @composimo @boozeridez @sivanyc @usdmfreax_magazine at the @makoa_scooters scooter & bike meet going down right now. We are getting ready to roll out for a quick ride. Nycalive Makoascooters Usdmfreax Boozeridez farmingdale li longisland hondalife hondaruckus hondagrom ruckuslife ruckus gy6 mx125 japan totalruckus dawghouse composimo
We getting ready to roll out. Half the guys are gassing up so if you are no there yet get here or text someone to let them know you coming. Regrandopening Makoascooters Ruckusride Alltwowheelers ruckporn gromlife grom harleydavidson hondalife honda zuma yamaha ruckus hondalove totalruckus nycalive li rideordie ridingweather gy6 gyshityourpants mx125 bigboytoys littlebikesbigattention
Don't forget this Saturday come it to @makoa_scooters scooters & bike meet. So get those 2 wheels clean for a chill day and maybe some riding after the meet and greet. Food will be provided by the good guys of @dobbsdawghouse come out and chill with @usdmfreax_magazine & @boozeridez get some pictures taken and see some old friends and make new ones. Family always starts with a passion shared amongst strangers. Nycalive Makoascooters Makoasquad Farmingdale usdmfreax boozeridez dawghouse hondalife twowheels rideordie 2wheels bikelife ruckus ruckuslife gy6 totalruckus hondaruckus grom gromlife mx125 cbr fortheloveofmotorcycles stuntin composimo
Make sure to come out this Saturday. We have a ride starting at 1pm then the party continues at the new shop. Makoascooters Makoasquad Ruckus Grom zuma ruckporn gromlife ruckuslife hondalife honda mx125 gy6 totalruckus hondaruckus hondagrom nycalive longisland ridingweather ridingdirty goodtimes goodfriends goodpeople
Happy bday to Jay. Do you think we had enough empanadas tonight. Nycalive Makoashop Makoascooters Birthday bday empandas sofull fatboystatus nomoreempanadasfortherestoftheyear goodtimes goodfriends goodpeople pregameforhawaii ineedanap gettingolder
Ruckus, food and good weather. Come on down. Raffle giveaway also. Makoascooters Hondaruckus BBQ Nycalive ruckus totalruckus rucknation ruckuslife ruckusweather ruckusbbq everymonth honda_tuning hondalife honda longisland