Sunday night I noticed a familiar truck in my parking lot where I live. It drove away suspiciously after I closed my blinds in my bedroom at 3 am. Then a cigarette was found on my stoop at 5 am I don't have any neighbors that litter cigarettes like that. So Monday my ex got served divorce papers and he signed them pretty quick. So I know I'm bummed, but I have a gut feeling that he was my stalker. So I used glow in the dark puff paint and I'm going to leave this at eye level where the truck was last parked. It works both ways because it was his nickname and anyone can be doofy. But more so if you're doofy. Doofy Heartbroken When Boredom Strikes. Idkwhyifindthissofunny
Hisugar LMAO Idkwhyifindthissofunny