In theory, a single beat of a butterfly's wings can change the outcome of the ever-changing world around it. In reality, a single thought or idea shares the same revolutionary capacity. That being said - we can all change the world. We're all heroes (or insects) of our own worlds individually. Life is a choice within itself. Many exist; few actually live. Wordsofwisdom Selfie Deepthinkers Deepermeaning Symbolism Edited Bnw Blackandwhite Wisdom Theory Ideas Thoughts Truth Earth Society Showing Imperfection Inspiration Instachill Instamellow Latenight Solodolo Life Lifelessons The Portraitist - 2016 EyeEm Awards
Looking At Camera Portrait One Person Close-up Eyes Deepermeaning Lookcloser Stud Headshot Front View Lgbtq Genderfluid Shorthair Indoors  Prospective Exceptional Photographs Dark Photography Stud Status  Stud Life Model Pierced Tattooed Filter Young Adult GenderEquality