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From photos uploaded with saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge from 0:00 to 23:59 Saturday 16th september. Mirror Reminder Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Text
GO! this week's Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge'I Have a Dream'by ABBA has begun! 🎇🎆🌸💖✳👏You have 24hours until midnight Saturday 4th March to upload your photos inspired by the song/title .Don't forget to tag it Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge for a chance to host next week's fun💕 I Have A Dream Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Work In Progress Announcement Skwirrel Heaven My Art Work Getting Creative Heather Fifield Art Textures And Surfaces Bringing People Together Today Is A Really Good Day Music Is Life Appreciation Music Brings Us Together It's A Wonderful Life Following My Bliss Life Is Magical Popular Contests Arrangement Mixed Media
Don't let the time gets you!. Upload now your "Mirror" picture for the saturdaysong_eyeemchallege . Just 6 hours left. Boy Catch The Moment Challenge Dirty Lake Mirror Mountain Rear View Reflection Reflections In The Water Reflects In Water Reminder Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Surface Level Tranquil Scene Water Wc
There are still 12 hours left in which to enter this week's Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge.The song is ABBA 's 'I Have a Dream' looking forward to seeing your entries...don't forget to use the tag Saturdaysong_eyeemchallengeSkwirrel Heaven My Art Work Heather Fifield Art Getting Creative Mixed Media Contests Life Is Magical Following My Bliss Arrangement It's A Wonderful Life Music Brings Us Together Today Is A Really Good Day Appreciation Music Is Life Popular Bringing People Together Textures And Surfaces Getting Inspired Colour Of Life I Have A Dream Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Work In Progress Announcement What A Wonderful World
'Blue' is the theme of this week's Saturdaysong_eyeemchallengeyou still have 12 hours left to submit your 'Blue' inspired entries .The winner, chosen by me, will get to choose & host next Saturday's challenge Music Is Life Blue Blue Jewellery Announcement Lyrically Inspired Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Music Brings Us Together Have Fun Today Is A Really Good Day Getting Inspired Getting Creative Colour Of Life Please Enter Here Check This Out Art Nouveau Silver Heart Blue Necklaces Blue Beads
All are welcome to join in this weeks Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge where you simply interpret the title or the lyrics of the song in a photo, to win the accolade and honour of choosing a song and hosting next weeks challenge! Go here to see Tom Jones doing his stuff: ...and here for the rules: Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Check This Out Cats Of EyeEm Cat Watching Cat Photography Pussycat Feline Cat Cat Lovers Popular Photos Pets Domestic Cat Animal Themes No People Whisker with Rosie Muffin The Cat Lychee The Cat
Text Communication Close-up Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge EyeEm Gallery Check This Out Mirror Mirror Art Mirror Mirror Mirror Picture Photo Lab Pro Creativity Creative Photography Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Stop
Hello😊 Its a real honour to present to you the next Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge for Saturday 10th September 2016. The song this week, is 'Money' by Pink Floyd. From the album 'Dark Side of the Moon', Recorded between June 1972 and January 1973 at Abbey Road Studios, London. Think 'out of the box' and capture your inspired images as you listen to the song at: Lyrics here 'Money' is a 24hr challenge for Saturday 10th September only. 00:01 - 23:59 CEST. I will be promoting the challenge with reminders during this week and posting prompts for the challenge start and end points, followed by the announcement of the winning photograph on Sunday 11th in the afternoon. Tag your 'Money' photos: Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge and if in doubt about anything, please read the challenge rules at Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Good Luck everyone, give it your Best Shot... and above all... Have Fun😀🎉🎆 EyeEm Challenge Win Contests Bringing People Together Check This Out Taking Photos Have Some Fun
Hi there!! I have the pleasure to be your host of the next Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge. The song this time is "Frozen" by Madonna. Here you can choose any kind of cold subjects. The song with the lyrics you can find on Youtube. The challenge starts 20/2 at 00.00. Don't forget to tag your submissions with Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge and Frozen . The rules you find here Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Good luck!!😏😏 To My Friends That Connect EyeEm Best Shots Eye4photography
Challenge Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Mirror ...and the winner is...Robin Fifield. I know he was the last host of the challenge but I really like th perfect use of light, shadows and simetry of his picture. Thank you all the partipants. It have been funny host the challenge this week.
Hi there😏😏The saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge starts now!!The song for this theme is "Frozen" by Madonna. You can choose any kind of cold things for this theme. Looking forward to your submissions☺Don't forget to tag your photos with Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge and Frozen if you want to know the rules you can find it here Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Check This Out
Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Wish You Were Here
I have the pleasure to be your host of the next Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge on the 23/1.Dont forget to tag your submissions with Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge and Rain ♥. And you can find the rules here Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rulesThe song this time is "Queen of Rain" by the swedish popgroup Roxette.And the theme for the challenge is "Rain". You can find the song here: Eye4photography  EyeEm Best Edits Taking Photos To My Friends That Connect
Hi friends! It's my pleasure to be your host next saturday the 21 th. My theme for this challenge is "Sweet dreams" by Euyrythmics. So I'm looking forward to see your dreams😏The rules are Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules I hope you will have a good time with this theme.And don't forget to tag your photos with Sweet❤dreams The song you will find here Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge Sweet❤dreams Check This Out To My Friends That Connect Getting Creative Eye4photography  EyeEm Best Shots First Eyeem Photo
Thanks a lot to the Eyeem Photograper who started this challenge and thanks to those photographers who participated and is keeping the Challenge alive. This is my turn to host this challenge for the current week till Saturday 16th April 2016. The Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge topic of this week is Wish You Were Here* based on the song of Pink Flyod , follow the url , to find the song in youtube . For rules go to the tag Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules. You need to capture a photo which refelcts the song. Remember don't foget to tag the above tags. The challenge will be started from APRIL 16, SATURDAY 00:00 A.M. TO 11:59 P.M. (INDIAN STANDARD TIME). So post your photo within that time.
Text Communication Message Mirror Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Reflections Reflections In The Water Cd Cover Art Challenge The "Mirror" saturdaysong_eyeemchallege starts now just for 24 hours. Good luck to everybody!. Photo Lab Pro
Reminder Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Mirror Photo Lab Pro
Good morning. I have the real honour and responsability of be the host for the next edition of the Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge for Saturday 17th September 2016. The song I have chose is ‘Mirror’ by Lil Wayne ft. Bruno Mars. Please, I don’t want boring selfies in the bathroom. Look for the most creative reflections you can imagine while listen the song or look the video at: ‘Mirror’ is a non official eyeem, 24 challenge for Saturday 10th September only, just for pictures tagged Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge between 00:01 and 23:59 (UTC+1). I hope have time to remind along the week (I think, I am late now announcing the song, sorry…) and posting prompts of the challenge start and end point. The winner of the challenge at organization criteria will be announced on evening Sunday 18th of September and would have the right and honour to host the next challenge. If any doubt about anything, please read the challenge rules at saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Good luck and inspiration to everyone, and have fun. Mirror Mirror Reflection Reflections Reflections In The Water Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules
Hallo dear friends☺☺The saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge is now open. The theme is "Sweet dreams" by Eyurythmics. The song can you find here I hope you will show me your dreams!Good luck and don't forget to tag your photos with Sweet❤dreams Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge and the rules you can find here Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules To My Friends That Connect Tadaa Community EyeEm Best Shots Eye4photography  Getting Creative Taking Photos
Hallo friends! Don't forget our Saturdaysong eyeemchallenge who will start on the 21/11. The theme this week is "sweet dreams" by Euyrythmics. Everyone is welcome to join. You can find the rules here Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules and don't forget to tag your photos by Sweet❤dreams I hope you will participate and show me your dreams😏😏good luck!! Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge Check This Out To My Friends That Connect
I was chosen by Shelley Kennedy to host the next Saturday song eyeem challenge on the 13 February✨The song is Feeling Good by Nina Simone✨ I just love this song and I hope it will be easy for you to come up with some beautiful and happy photos! In my poster announcement I have added the YouTube link where you can listen to the song, read the song's lyrics and get inspired! Contest begins at 12:00am Athens Greece time on 13 February and will finish at 23:59 same day. This is a fun contest so I encourage everyone to participate🤗 For those who take part for first time is useful to check on Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Please don't forget to tag your photos with Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge and Feeling Good! So Have Fun and a Lovely Week to Everybody 🌷
Hi friends the Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge is opened now for 24hrs., based on the theme / song submit ur pics... I Love This Life For further query see the prev. Post if needed. Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Everybody is welcomed, enjoy & have fun. Add these 2 tags with ur post's Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge I Love This Life
Don't forget the Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge who starts tomorrow at 00.00 23/1. The theme is Rain and the song is "Queen of Rain" with Roxette. As I have problems with the link you can find the song on youtube. The rules for this challenge Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules And don't forget to tag your submissions with Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge and Rain ♥
Hi folks!!!The saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge starts now!!! The theme is "Rain" and the song is "Queen of Rain" with Roxette. Don't forget to tag with Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge and Rain ♥ Good luck! Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Check This Out To My Friends That Connect Tadaa Community Eye4photography
Hi eyeem friends! I'm honoured to host this week's Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge The new theme is based on the composer Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons. The concert recreates in music the moods of this season such as the joy of the harvest season, the mystical atmosphere and the transformation of nature. I hope the music in this video link will spark some inspiration! Feel free to share your own interpretation of the theme as well as your vision and feeling of autumn. Link: Please tag your photos: Saturdaysong-eyeemchallenge Autumn: Shades And Mood Rules: submissions are this saturday only from 0:00 am to 12.OO pm CET. Photos can be color or bnw The winner will be announced 1-2 days after the challenge is closed and the winner will subsequently choose the new theme. Everyone is welcome to participate! Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules
'Blue is the color of night, when the red sun, Disappears from the sky' ...Just to remind you that tomorrow's Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge begins at 00.01 tomorrow (22nd October) I'm SO looking forward to your 'Blue' interpretations!😁This weeks song is 'Blue' by Lucinda Williams . The winner chosen by me will have the fun of choosing & hosting next Saturday's challenge Blue Music Is Life Music Brings Us Together Work In Progress Heather Fifield Art Skwirrel Heaven Have Fun Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Getting Inspired Getting Creative Bringing People Together Colour Of Life Mixed Media Today Is A Really Good Day
Tom Jones had a hit with this song in 1965 and it is my choice for the next Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge , so show your Love for our feline friends with your captures and interpret the lyrics in any way you see fit. I will be looking for photos which best show the Love between you and your furry, purring bundle of whiskers and claws! Meeeowcha! 💗😻😻💗here are the rules for the challenge Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules and here is Tom doing his stuff
Hi dear eyeem friends! The Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge Autumn: Shades And Mood theme based on Antonio Vivaldi' s Autumn concert, is now open for 24 hours. Video link; The rules are here: Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Share your vision of the theme and have fun!
The Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge is on this Saturday 16 January. Starting at 12.01am GMT (London time) and will close at 11.59pm on the same day. It is only fitting that my theme this week is a song by David Bowie, to honour him. I choose his song Starman. The rules are here Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules You might want to check out the lyrics to the song online. And here's a clip to the song. Good luck everyone. Really looking forward to seeing your photos.
It's my pleasure to be ur host for this week Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge , the song for the theme will be ( "I love This Life") Submit a photo which reflect the theme of the song r match some lyrics of the song. For the rules go to Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules , this challenge will starts on April 9th saturday ( IST- India Standard Time) it will last for 24hrs. Everyone is welcomed... After i choose the winner he/she will be the host for the following week. submit ur pics with these 2 tags Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge. I Love This Life Best wishes to all & have fun 😃😊🙋....
As your host of this week's Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge, I wanted to pick something that everybody could relate to. Then I realized that I knew of a song I, fittingly, found through EyeEm. It is about the place you want to go when things aren't going quite right- Home. Remember home is not always your house, it is also a concept. Show me where and maybe why your home is your home. For further inspiration the video can be found at... The comment section because it's not letting me post it here 😀Remember to tag your songs with the usual and Homesong as well. Looking forward to it. Check Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules for more information. (Thank you Carol Haynes💛)
I am excited to announce this weeks Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge for Saturday 22nd October 2016. The song I've chosen is 'Blue' by Lucinda Williams. This is a 24hr challenge open to all starting at 00.01 CEST and finishing at 23.59 CEST. Blue is my favourite colour & I'd love to see your interpretations of either the title or the lyrics .Please feel free to be as creative in your edits as you like! Blue Colour Of Life Colours Contests Bringing People Together Blue Feather Announcement Popular Check This Out Please Enter Here Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Have Fun Lyrically Inspired Getting Inspired Getting Creative Today Is A Really Good Day Skwirrel Heaven Heather Fifield Art Work In Progress Love Peace Music Brings Us Together Blue Color Music Is Life
Home by Miccoli, challenge begins! Join in, it is lots of fun! Just show me your home, not necessarily your house but your home. The place you feel safest. For inspiration listen to "Home" by Miccoli. Tag photos with Homesong and Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge. Winner will be selected Sunday and that winner takes all!! (... All of the hosting for next week's challenge 😄) For more information go to the album atSaturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules
GO! This weeks Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge has begun! You have until 23.59 CEST to upload your entries.The song this week is ' Blue' by Lucinda Williams. Photos & images can be inspired by the title or lyrics Blue Mixed Media Colour Of Life Bringing People Together Getting Creative Getting Inspired Today Is A Really Good Day Have Fun Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Skwirrel Heaven Heather Fifield Art Work In Progress Music Brings Us Together Blue Color Music Is Life Love Peace Lyrically Inspired Popular Announcement Check This Out Colours Contests
Photography In Motion Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules
The Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge for 7th January has now begun. All are welcome to submit a photo in the next 24 hours, inspired by the title or lyrics of the song, 'What a Wonderful World' by Louis Armstrong. You have until tonight at 00:00 CEST. Dont forget to tag your entry Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge. The winning photographer chooses a song and hosts next weeks challenge. Good Luck everyone! EyeEm Challenge What A Wonderful World Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Contest! Check This Out Bringing People Together Popular Winning Photo Go Awesome
It is with delight that i present to you the Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge for Saturday the 24th September 2016. The song this week, is 'All you need is Love', by The Beatles from the album 'Yellow Submarine'. Recorded at Olympic and EMI Studios, London in 1967. The message is 'Love is everything'. Think about that as you listen to the song and choose your photos. 'All you need is Love' is a 24hr challenge for Saturday 24th September only. Upload your photos from 00:01 - 23:59 CEST. I will be posting reminders over be next three days. Good Luck everyone, looking forward to seeing your interpretations. Have Fun😍💟😍💟😍💟😍💟😍💟😍💟😍💟😍💟😍💟😍💟😍💟😍💟😍💟😍💟Rules are here Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge Love Popular Check This Out EyeEm Best Shots Bringing People Together All You Need Is Love Love Without Boundaries Lovephotography  EyeEm Best Edits
Love, Love, Love... the Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge is just 2 and a bit days away, so dont forget to prepare your Love related photos for upload from 00:01 - 11:59 CEST on Saturday 24th September 2016.The song, 'All you need is Love' by The Beatles. The rules for the challenge are here Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules The winner with the photo which i judge to best express the theme gets to host next weeks Saturdaysong-eyeemchallenge which is, not only an honour, but a whole lot of fun as you get to play with apps to create your promotional posters for the challenge. For Android users i can recommend Picsay Pro app, which allows you to composite images, add creative text etc. with ease. Available on Google Play Store. Have Fun👌💟 Love Lovelovelove Lovephotography  EyeEm Best Edits Love Without Boundaries All You Need Is Love Bringing People Together Lovephotography  EyeEm Best Shots Check This Out Popular From My Point Of View Relaxing Getting Inspired EyeEm Challenge Enjoying Life Hello World
The song for the Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge this Saturday 18th March is 'Vincent' sung by Don McLean. All are invited to submit a photo interpretation of this song and there is plenty of imagery in the lyrics to inspire you. Here you will find those lyrics, along with an interpretation and the video: The challenge runs from midnight Friday 17th to midnight Saturday 18th March CEST. I will then choose the winner, who will go on to host next weeks challenge. Good Luck all. Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Vincent Van Gogh Starry Starry Night
Do you believe in rock and roll💿 I have the honor of co -hosting this weeks challenge with my dear friend Mandy Smith. We have chosen the song American Pie by Don Maclean. YouTube link everyone is invited to join. Simple rules, Own photo and no repost. When submitting your photos please tag with Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge and American Pie full rules can be found on Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules We will be looking forward to seeing your photos🌹Mandy Smith@
Just 24 little hours to go to the Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge upload your photos between midnight Friday & midnight Saturday (CEST) for the song 'What's new Pussycat' by Tom Jones. Your chance to win the chance to host this challenge is only a cute photo away! 😄💕 Contest Bringing People Together Domestic Cat Cat Lovers Cat Popular Photos Pussycat Cat Photography Feline Cat Watching Cats Of EyeEm Check This Out Pets Animal Themes No People Whisker Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules One Animal Tabby Rollo The Cat
Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge for some strange reason the above tag didnt work on the poster to start the challenge. Just to recap, Better late than never! I herewith begin proceedings, let the Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge commence😎💐🇬🇧⏰💡💫🐐Open to All, the challenge involves studying and interpreting the wonderfully performed 'Whats new Pussycat', by Tom Jones, and posting your photographic impressions within the 24hr timescale. The challenge ends at Midnight (CEST) today, Saturday 19th November 2016. Heres Tom at 'The Talk of the Town': Catoftheday Catsofinstagram Cat Photography Check This Out Kitten Grey Cat Pets One Animal Robin Fifield - Cats. Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Whisker Domestic Cat Lying Down Cat Cat Lovers Cats Of EyeEm Cat Watching Pipkin The Cat
In a little over 2 hours the Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge will begin. Post your photos from 00:01CEST, inspired by the song 'All you need is Love' by The Beatles. The challenge rules are here. Thanks for joining in.💟Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Lovelovelove Love Popular Relaxing Getting Inspired Hearts Bringing People Together Amor All You Need Is Love Check This Out Hello World From My Point Of View
Human Meets Technology Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge_rules Your Design Story