The famous totem poles in first floor stairwells. Torontoclx ROMToronto Toronto EmptyROM Myfujilm Huffingtonpost RoyalOntarioMuseum Blogto
The great room gallery at the ROM. Torontoclx Huffingtonpost Myfujifilm ROMToronto RoyalOntarioMuseum Toronto Blogto EmptyROM
The Mummy in the Egyptian gallery. Myfujifilm EmptyROM Torontoclx Toronto ROMToronto Huffingtonpost
Shadows in the Egyptian Gallery. ROMToronto RoyalOntarioMuseum Huffingtonpost Torontoclx Myfujifilm EmptyROM Toronto Myfujifilm
Part of a great adventure with EmptyROM Myfujifilm Toronto Torontoclx Huffingtonpost RoyalOntarioMuseum ROMToronto
Great Emperor Lucius in the Greek Gallery. EmptyROM Toronto Torontoclx RoyalOntarioMuseum Myfujifilm ROMToronto Huffingtonpost Blogto