Chocolate apples

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2 of 2 ...This was so heavy on the stick I had to grip it firmly :)) Taking Photos Thats Me  Check This Out Popular Photos Enjoying Life Yummy Chocolate Apples Delicious
I learned one thing in Berlin, there is nothing we can't eat if it is coated in delecious chocolate. Near hands, Chocolate banana🍌 in first bottom tray, in upper tray chocolate grapes🍇 and if you see to the bottom left corner you will find chocolate apples..🍎 I guess people in Germany are really health conscious therefore they are balancing out unhealthy with healthy😉clever people 🤓 BTW I'm not health conscious when it comes to chocolates so if anyone want to gift me chocolates, give me pure ones, FYI Lindors are one of my favorites 🍫😂😂 Chocolate Chocolates Chocolate Shop Chocolate Banana Chocolate Apples Chocolate Dipped Fruits Baker Bakery Bakery Shop Sweets Sweet Food Market Festival Festival Season Celeberation Food Food And Drink Delecious Retail  One Woman Only Supermarket Store Exceptional Photographs Eat Eating Chocolate Be. Ready.
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