Cove Creek

smile says it all (Love)
Baby Blue Herrion
Breeding Grasshopper's (Small one is the Male not the Big One)
Grasshopper trying to eat
Greese at my pond, landed for a rest
they say it's called a wollie worm?
Early Morning shot of a Morning Glory in full bloom
Sweet & Proud Indoors  Portrait Looking At Camera Close-up Sitting
Beautiful Day Lilly
Prayingmantis Resting
Skylar talking to Her Daddy
Diantha Flower
Micro Shot of a Morning Glory
Micro Shot of center of a Hibiscus Flower Stem
Prayingmantis Looking for something to eat
Spider Lilly also known around here as " Necked Ladies"
Portrait of my Daughter & Grandaughter
I Love you
4 Leaf Clovers, How many do you see !!! (6 Count)
Morning Glory at Sunrise
Prayingmantis eating a Bumble Bee
Fishing with Daddy i caught the first one
Micro Shot
On the hunt for food
Skylar says "I'm Sorry"
"I've been doing just fine without you, really..Until the nights got cold and everyone's here, except for you." That's Me Lipstick ♥ Hello World Selfie ✌