27.10.2015 // ntg else to ask frm you other than to love me fullest like hw you did.and to pray to every of our littles' voices.i bet they want us to be one.and i hope when we meet heaven,we'll find them first. Mummyahabbuka Daddyahabbuka Mrmscranky
21.10.2015 // when the moon listens to every little sentences im saying and the little voice in the tumm. Irinduyou_03 Mummyahabbuka Daddyahabbuka
18.10.2015 // i lost in a beautiful fight once,knwing only after a month.rn,that i've known earlier,i still wouldnt want to lose in the battle but i hv to,for the love towards my cranky.forgive me that i have to unwillingly do it.if i could,i would definitely do that insane idea to hv you ard,even if my cranky doesnt wants you to come ard.unfortunately,its nt like what i cn think of😔 may you both meet to be that one pair of my strength to gt your king back ard my body hugging me tightly,waking up to every morning and sleeping nxt to every night.and to cure every piece of missing too towards you one and another one maybe😔 Mummyahabbuka Daddyahabbuka