Giardini carducci

NEVER ENOUGH HOURS IN A DAY [series] Listening to time flowing ahead, Silent, As clouds of thoughts Gathering inside and moving Along the city lines. Restless convergence Towards the inner sound of souls, And streets unravelling As arterial routes, In a breathing world. claudia ioan © 2015 Giardini Carducci, Perugia (Italy) Title: an original line by Robert Lowell I Love My City Perugia Italy Giardini Carducci Belvedere NEM Black&white Street Photography Black And White Claudia Ioan Here Belongs To Me People And Places Embrace Urban Life
-PEOPLE- At Perugia Augusta Perusia series Kiss at Perugia Italy Bacio Perugino at Giardini Carducci Poet G. Carducci is watching you... Capture The Moment Streetphoto_bw Streetphoto_color People Of Europe Student Life Streetphoto Captured Moment Monochrome People Photography Perugia People Streetphotography Bnw_collection Black & White Street Photography Bnw_magazine Streetphotography_bw Black And White Black And White Collection