Norse pagan

Set of hand made runes. These are wood burned on acorns. Norse Pagan Asatru Nature Runes Rune Stones Elder Futhark Norse Norseprojects  Norse Mythology Viking
Finally all covered up🤘 only one more session to fix the contrast and details. Done by Jannicke Wiese Hansen at Nidhogg Tattoo Bergen,Norway Tattoo Tattooed Tattooman Tattoos Viking Vikings  Vikingtattoo Norse Norse Mythology Norse Pagan Mjolnir Thorshammer Midgardsormen Vikingship Viking Ship Masterpiece Hellyeah EyeEmTattoo Tattoomodels Tattoomodel Tattooart Tattoodesign Awesome
Yule ornaments that I made. ☺️ Norse Pagan Norseprojects  Asatru Spirituality Odin Elder Futhark Runes Symbols Yule Holdidays