I absolutely adore the Autumn Colors Sherwoodskogen Sherwood Forest
Soup made from ButternutSquash with Chanterelles ,toasted Hazelnuts and Thyme Sherwoodskogen
When the third member of the family sleeping in we couldn't resist to go back to bed for a while. Sleeping Sleepingin Saturdaymorning Sherwoodskogen Sherwood Forest Family
Autumn in the Sherwoodskogen Östergötland
Still perfect for our Potaufeu this Evening Sherwoodskogen Sherwood Forest
One of those Summerevenings about a month ago. Sherwoodskogen Sunlight Friends Havingagoodtime
Brought home some Oregano from the Countryside Sherwoodskogen Sherwood Forest Food Cookingpizza Pizzatime
Yesterdays Autumnsun shining through a beautiful Leaf I found in the Sherwood Forest Sherwoodskogen Autumn Autumn Colors
BreakfastTime  in Sherwoodskogen Sherwood Forest Breakfast
Small talk in Sherwoodskogen Smalltalk
Last time seeing good friends in a while Sherwood Forest Sherwoodskogen Countryside Friends
Some small some larger Beetroot Beetroots Carrots Sherwoodskogen
Summer Flowers from last year Flowers Summerevenings Summer Sweden Östergötland Sherwoodskogen
Last day at the Countryside My heart aches. Sherwoodskogen Sherwood Forest
Sherwoodskogen Saknad Autumn Endofsummer