Fine Art Photography Weekend Getaway Hacienda El Porvenir Cotopaxi Ecuador Ecuador Nature Photography All You Need Is Ecuador I had doubts about my little 1.8L engine sedan making this last stretch of the trip on a falling apart, half pebble/rock/stone half dirt road, but after 1hr 10 min on 8 miles (in the dark), we finally made it to 3600 meters (close to 12000ft) to the Hacienda Rustic not to toot my own horn, but not all Lasian chics are bad drivers~~ and it was a stick shift~~ The City Light
Home Is Where The Art Is I Bake To Destress Home Homemade Quito Ecuador Lasian Visual Feast Food Stories Visual Creativity
Embracing the Chinese side of me... Lol... No Challenge That's Me! Narcissistic Tendencies The New Self-Portrait Lasian Latin-Asian EyeEm Best Shots - Black + White "China doll" πŸ˜‚ Shameless
Colour Of Life My Unique Style My Blue Obsession Home Is Where The Art Is Lasian Me Myself And I Athleisure Casual Look Casualstyle Casual Casual Clothing Chillaxing Tranquility Hidden Gems  That's Me Mobile Conversations Moving Around Rome Inner Power
I promise it's not photoshopped! Weekend Getaway Adventureful Weekend Quilotoa Crater Lake at almost 4000 meters. I love how the lake's surface reflects the constantly changing clouds above it~~ The hike down was dusty and windy... But it didn't compare with the Vertical Climb up... I wouldn't have minded so much except for the strong winds and the dust mixed with donkey/mule/horse poop particles blowing in your face... 😷 kinda gross huh?? πŸ˜† That's Me Ecuador Nature Photography Cotopaxi Ecuador All You Need Is Ecuador Lasian Weekend No Challenge My Blue Obsession Showcase July Miles Away Women Around The World Done That. Lost In The Landscape Go Higher
What Who Where Annapolis Rocks Maryland Adventure Beauty In Nature One Person Outdoors Nature Landscape Scenics Tree Mountain My Year My View Full Length Challenge Adult Adults Only Extreme Sports Courage Day Sky Lasian Like A Girl That's Me! Me, Myself And I Finding New Frontiers Flying High Women Around The World Long Goodbye Live For The Story Mix Yourself A Good Time Done That. Lost In The Landscape Perspectives On Nature An Eye For Travel Love Yourself Go Higher Inner Power #FREIHEITBERLIN
Green Eyes work wonders... I think I just cut in front of like 3 ppl picking my car up from the shop today... 😝 sorry peeps! (Kind of) Lasian it's one of those Narcissistic Tendencies days That's Me My Blue Obsession No Challenge happy Weekend peeps
Pivotal Ideas The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) Home Is Where The Art Is Colour Of Life Tranquility Chillaxing Casual Clothing Casual Casualstyle Casual Look Lasian Enjoying Life Girl vs Horse Machachi Ecuador Country Side
People And Places Me, Myself And I Morning Morning Light One Of Those Days  Lasian Calm Person Ootd Weekend From My Point Of View Dramatic Angles Uniqueness Women Around The World Love Yourself Inner Power Creative Space
Achachaiiiii ve!! Ecuador Chola Lasian not used to this... First Time For Everything my first Blizzard and it's not even that bad... don't wanna imagine what bad is gonna me like!!! πŸ˜– Live For The Story
Cuz it's just a Green Eyes kind of day That's Me! No Challenge Narcissistic Tendencies The New Self-Portrait Me, Myself And I Just Me Lasian
Nerdy Lasian Rottweiler Puppy mom. Perrijo Fur Baby I Love My Rottie Dog Pets Domestic Animals Lying Down Mammal Togetherness Headshot Sitting Day Indoors  Human Body Part Close-up Friendship People This Is Family
Me and My Blue Obsession πŸ’™ Human Hand Blue Real People Human Finger Lifestyles Holding Nail Polish Human Body Part Nail Art One Person Fingernail Women Close-up Indoors  Day Blue Nails πŸ’™ Only Women Lasian Me, My Camera And I BYOPaper! Visual Feast
Pattern Pieces CNY 2016 Narcissistic Tendencies Me RedlipsπŸ’‹ Qipao Traditional Chinese Outfit My Blue Obsession off to Chinese New Year 2016 Dinner (; Girl Sexy Lasian
Cinema In Your Life and action!!! Oh...guess there won't be much action going on here with a Skeleton πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Universal Studios  Los Angeles, California USA USAtrip Reminiscing ThatsMe Me, Myself And I Narcissistic Tendencies Lasian Goofy Being Silly The Portraitist - 2016 EyeEm Awards
MeinAutomoment My Blue Obsession filming at Salar De Uyuni Bolivia South America Reminiscing Feel The Journey Unique Experiences one of the most Amazing job experiences I've had as an interpreter (: perks of being Multi Cultural and Multilingual Lasian 😁✌🏼️ Original Experiences Showcase June The Mix Up Mix Yourself A Good Time Modern Workplace Culture Go Higher
Hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains  Tennessee Real People Orange Color Focus On Foreground Autumn One Person Change Leaf Red Outdoors Day Maple Leaf Men Close-up Human Hand Nature Me Lasian My Year My View Women Around The World Millennial Pink BYOPaper! Mix Yourself A Good Time Rethink Things Love Yourself Visual Creativity Creative Space
Showcase: February Lasian Traditional Chinese Dress Qipao My Blue Obsession Chinese New Year Narcissistic Tendencies CNY 2016 RedlipsπŸ’‹ Me The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) The New Self-Portrait
My Duck Boots are growing on me... they sure came in handy (footy?) on this Snowy day πŸ™ƒ not a bad investment, even if I cheated a little...buying kids' shoes...hahahaπŸ€£πŸ˜‚ the perks of being Funsized Lasian Low Section Shoe Human Leg Human Body Part Real People Standing One Person Close-up Canvas Shoe Outdoors Day People Adult Me, Myself And I Snow Winter Fashion Stories
The Portraitist - 2016 EyeEm Awards Found On The Roll One Of Those Days  Green Eyes Lasian Narcissism Narcissistic Tendencies That's Me! Just Because Sunlight Morning Morning Light Nails Millennial Pink
Pivotal Ideas Chillaxing Home Is Where The Art Is Relaxation Colour Of Life Tranquility Enjoying Life Musing Found On The Roll Lasian Girl Casualstyle Casual Look That's Me Me Myself And I Casual Casual Clothing Lazy Sunday
I know, it's been a while since I posted a Selfie ... here's a belated Christmas Ootd Lifestyles Real People One Person Standing Women Lasian Young Women Close-up Young Adult Human Body Part Human Hand Adult People Me, Myself And I The New Self-Portrait Uniqueness Fashion Stories Love Yourself
The Portraitist - 2016 EyeEm Awards Me, Myself And I Me, My Camera And I My Blue Obsession Red Lips and Nails Qipao Narcissistic Tendencies Lasian Makeup Women Around The World Visual Creativity
That’s right, back to short hair! New year, new look~ Narcissistic Tendencies Blackandwhite Self Portrait That's Me! Lasian Serious Young Adult Young Women One Person Portrait Front View Indoors  Love Yourself Inner Power
WomeninBusiness just another day at Work ... Business Boss Paperwork Tax Season That's Me! Narcissistic Tendencies The New Self-Portrait Independent  Woman Brown Eyed Girl Lasian The Purist (no Edit, No Filter)
It was soooooooooo cold this mild-climate-creature had to buy snowpants!! ridonks... o.O good thing I fit into kids' size... hahaha Asian  Athleisure Black Bear Brown Eyes Canada Closet Pink Lasian Latina Me Myself And I Petite Reminiscing That's Me Trippin' Vacation Whistler, B.C.
Athleisure Home Is Where The Art Is Me Myself And I Everyday California Chillaxing Lasian My Blue Obsession Casual Clothing Casual Casual Look Casualstyle Enjoying Life Mobile Conversations Inner Power
Let Your Hair Down haven't done a Selfie in a while... Once every month or so is not too too too Narcissistic  is it??? 😝 Narcissistic Tendencies That's Me! Me Myself And I My Blue Obsession Brown Eyes Brown Eyed Girl Lasian The Human Condition The Purist (no Edit, No Filter)
Morning Vibes Rottie Mom Green Eyed Girl Lasian One Person Real People Lifestyles Portrait Looking At Camera Front View Indoors  Focus On The Story
Lasian Teal My Blue Obsession Tank The Rottie Fur Baby Perrijo I Love My Rottie EyeEm Selects One Person Real People Human Body Part Body Part Nail Beach Human Foot Close-up One Animal Nail Polish
Long overdue selfie... just came back from my favorite hairdresser, felt like a good occasion to post a selfie πŸ˜‚ Brown Eyed Girl Me, Myself And I Thats Me  Narcissistic Tendencies Lasian Portrait One Person Headshot Casual Clothing Real People Front View Looking At Camera Smiling Contemplation Hairstyle Black Hair
Mi chiquito πŸ’™ Black And White Photography Lasian Perrijo Fur Baby I Love My Rottie My Rottie And Me Pets Domestic Animals Domestic Mammal Dog Canine One Animal