Kimmy fasani

Japan Series Hokkaido > Moving away from the city life of Tokyo and into the mountains of the North Island > The snow quality and levels up north are incredible, and so is the terrain for Snowboarding > It's worth the visit everytime, I love Japan winter > Blotto Rider: Kimmy Fasani
Japan Series Hokkaido Big snow in Hokkaido so you need big equipment to move it from the streets. Kimmy Fasani says 'watch out' to the snow machine as she makes her way to the slopes for a day of Snowboarding
Japan Series Hokkaido Kimmy Fasani enjoys the zen nature of this old growth tree on the Notth Island at a place called Rusutsu
Learn & Shoot: Single Light Source This portrait of Kimmy Fasani was captured using the on-camera flash while we were outdoors during a big snow storm. While it took a few tries lining up the flakes (we just kept shooting), we had a blast jumping around in the Snow knowing good and well the next morning would be an Awesome powder day for Snowboarding ! Blotto Good Times Burton Snowboards