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Students of Muthahhari and their friends participating in an attempt to break the world record. With people of Bandung and their mayor, 20.000 people were meant to be gathered. An Angklung.harmony is heard all over. A resonance of its first sound in 1955 Asian African Conference The exact number is yet to be known. We may not break the world record, but the love these students share and show for their hometown is a record in itself. Job well done, Mr. Mayor and all the team. Maju terus Bandung Juara! Asiaafricaconference2015 Asiaafricaconference Bandungjuara Allthatisbandung Muthahhari Sekolah Angklung Angklungfortheworld Musik Record Worldrecord Bandung @ridwankamil @disdik_bandung @amicrakhmat @infobdg