巽橋 祇園四条 京都
Kyoto 京都 Gion 祇園 Tatumibashi 巽橋
Le Couple : Tatsumi-bashi( 巽橋 ) Kyoto, rambling with a Leica Q 50mm f/1.7 No filter handheld. thanks for comment, Likes 🙏 Good Saturday & Sunday EyeEm mate 50mm F/1.7 Building Exterior Couple Early Summer Japanese Wedding Man And Woman On The Bridge On The Street Corner One Shot Story Project. Outdoors Real People Snapshot Of Life Street Photography Street Portrait Today Afternoon Today's Hot Look Togetherness Traditional Clothing Tree Walking Around The City  Wedding Photography 京都市  巽橋 祇園白川
Hassaku Night : Be Silent No People Illuminated Building Exterior Outdoors Nightphotography Night Lights August 2017 Stone Paving Reflection Gion In Kyoto Kyoto, Japan / LEICA Q Typ116 50mm F/1.7 ( digital frame selector ) handheld Lowlightphotography Low Position Walking Around The City  Gion Shimbashi 祇園新橋 京都市  祇園 巽橋 de Good Weekend , EyeEm mate
Kyoto 京都 Gion 祇園 Tatumibashi 巽橋
祇園白川 巽橋 白川南通り 京都 Kyoto Kyoto, Japan
On The Bridge 巽橋 Tatsumi-bashi, Gion Shirakawa River Kyoto, Japan Lowlightphotography Water Reflections Waves Pallet Illuminated No People Outdoors Tree Night Lights Night Photography Finding a heron de Good Evening / 28mm F/1.7 Kyoto, Rambling with a Leica Q Walking Around The City  京都市  Travel Destinations 祇園白川
京都にて。 巽橋 京都 白川 Kyoto Team_jp_ Japan Instagood 景色 Scenery 自然 Nature Icu_japan Ig_japan Ig_nihon Jp_gallery Japan_focus 秋 Autumn 空 Sky イマソラ ダレカニミセタイソラ Sunset Sunsets Sunsetlovers skylovers
Kyoto 京都 Gion 祇園 Tatumibashi 巽橋
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