Kinka Izakaya

BBQ braised beef w/ bean sprouts Food Food And Drink Close-up Indoors  Ready-to-eat Freshness Temptation Indulgence Gourmet Healthy Lifestyle Plate Still Life Appetizer Meal Healthy Eating Cooked Homemade Serving Size Selective Focus Main Course Foodporn Dinner Foodphotography
Sashimi of the Day Food Food And Drink Freshness Close-up Indoors  Ready-to-eat Plate Meal Appetizer Indulgence Serving Size Temptation Garnish Homemade Ready To Eat No People Cooked Serving Dish Dinner Fish Foodporn Foodphotography
Okonomiyaki!! Okonomiyaki Foodphotography Japanese Food Foodporn Food And Drink Ready-to-eat Close-up Appetizer Temptation おこのみやき
My World Of Food Food Porn Sushi Izakaya Foodphotography Japanese Food
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